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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

more random ST notes

  1. Must resist the urge to Mary Sue Garak. As in, no, he did not hook up with some Romulan Tal'Shiar girl during his stay on Romulus. WTF brain, control yourself. I do not understand, okay? I haven't Mary Sued anybody in that way in a looooong time.

  2. Dukat. I almost feel bad for him after reading some fanfics featuring the guy on Trekiverse. Almost being the operative word. 如果我是Dukat,我大概会死不暝目的…

  3. Is it wrong to want to watch Star Trek: Enterprise for T'Pol and...Hoshi Sato? And on another note, is it me or are all the Asian characters in Star Trek Japanese? (Okay, so Sulu was half-Filipino half-Japanese, but his name was Japanese and I'll bet you $1 that a lot of people didn't know he was half Filipino!) I mean, the Russians were okay despite the Cold War but the Chinese (or Southeast Asians) weren't?

  4. Still not watching Voyager. Nuh-uh.

  5. I claimed a mirrorverse prompt for Tarsus IV on tarsus_iv_fic. It's going to be really short. Maybe I can work the K/S angle in. I certainly hope so, anyway.

  6. Still grappling with moral ambiguity and all that.


I thought Sulu was canonically Japanese? In some interview, it was said that he was supposed to "represent all Asia"..

According to Memory Alpha, there are four recurring Japanese characters, no Chinese ones, no Korean ones (Korea isn't mentioned at all on ST, apparently), no Malaysian ones, no Singaporean ones, no Thai ones, and no Tibetan ones.

The Philippines aren't mentioned on the site.
Sulu is certainly widely perceived as Japanese (hence my original complaint), but as rosalui pointed out, Sulu is not a Japanese surname, thus whatever he is, he is not 100% Japanese. Sulu comes from the sea surrounding the Philippines.

Also from Memory Alpha:

"Hikaru" is a Japanese name that can mean "light" or several other words, and is quite commonly used for men and women. 'Sulu' is taken from Sulu sea and it is also name of the province in the Philippines. In the Japanese version of Star Trek, his family name was changed to 'Kato', a common surname. Also notable is that his name cannot be truly Japanese, as the Japanese language, while syllabic, does not contain the "L" phoneme in any form.

It is not out of the question that Sulu was born of a Japanese-Filipino couple, taking on a Japanese given name with a Filipino surname. Nor is the fact that most American names are mixed-and-matched, and will likely continue to be diversified for the next four hundred years.

From Wikipedia:

The fictional character Hikaru Sulu was born in San Francisco[8], and is of Japanese and Filipino descent.

There is a fair amount amount of somewhat self-contradictory info out there, both on Memory Alpha and Wiki itself, but...one could certainly make a case for arguing that Sulu was in fact not "all" Japanese. (In fact, that's what rosalui was saying...while my point was that regardless, people thought of him as Japanese....)
No, I get your point! (Though one could argue that a lot of names get mangled in the romanization, so his last name could just have been suru. That would certainly have been a /strange/ last name, considering what it means..)

And if Sulu is supposed to represent all Asia, I suppose he can't really be taken into account. (Still very Japanese skewed characters anyway)