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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Impure (Star Trek DS9, Garak/Bashir drabble, rated R)

Written for sacred_20 prompt #10: Curse.

Title: Impure
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: R

He has heard of the existence of myriad universes, each of them a prism of a separate reality. Perhaps in one of them he stands before Tain to receive a father's blessing, and in another he isn't a son of the Obsidian Order. Perhaps there could be a universe where Elim Garak never met someone as insidiously innocent as Julian Bashir, where the bitter years of exile haven't sabotaged his sensibilities and discretion.

But those worlds are the last thing on his mind as he seeks Julian's soft warmth in their shared bed. The implant may be gone, but the addiction is still there.

With every breath, the human trembles beneath him in lust and adoration. Julian's limbs are tangled with his, slick flesh pressing against his own, surrounding him with a debilitating heat.

"I am sorry, my dear," he hears himself saying almost distantly. "I’m afraid I shall have to ruin you."




WAHH I love your Garak voice! It has that edge to it, and he maintains a humor of sorts as he speaks but you know, plainly, the earnestness and fear underneath it. And it is hot. You need to write more G/B porn. and not the B/G you were threatening iykwim.
Hmmm, G/B porn....
Cardassian physiology beckons....(what)
Ohh... your Garak is amazing! Loved this! So hot. More, please! Thank you!
ACK! You kill me! Kill me with AWESOME! How can something so short hit me so hard??? I can't decide if I should cry or be excited!

Fantastic writing!
Oh wow. I absolutely love your Garak voice in this.
Yay. :D I'm really happy that you liked this one.
Oh, this is so wonderfully gorgeous.
Your Garak voice is amazing! ^_^

This is a excellent combination of hot, sad and generally lovely ^_^
Lovely, and very hot! Exactly the sort of thing Garak would say, although I think Julian will prove more of a challenge for him than he thinks. Excellent!
although I think Julian will prove more of a challenge for him than he thinks

Mwahahaha. On the physical side, I wonder if Garak ever had inklings of Julian's genetic enhancements before it all blew up.....