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tower of light

April 2017

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miss wednesday

miiiiiidnight, not a sound on the paaaaavement

Reading over jademac2442 and feels_like_fire's beta comments is making me realize....wow, my English grammar sucks. I mean ok, I always had an inkling here and there, but seeing the tragedy up close is something else. Was that what my professors meant when they said there was always something odd about my writing?

—"I don't get what you mean by 'weary.' Weary does not logically follow that he's never known darkness; it just makes me think he needed to take a nap occasionally."

I admit, I LOL'ed. (I think feels_like_fire is trying to get back at me with my James Bond villan comment on her fic, hahahaha. Although come think of it, aprilleigh24 already covered that bit of karma in her comments....)

One of my biggest problem, I think, is with tense. The Chinese language simply indicates tense in a very different way...and I still do not understand the reasoning behind keeping the tense consistent within a paragraph. What is so magical about a paragraph?

Of course, it's not like people understand me all that well in Chinese, either...so...uh....


Completely unrelated: I think I should face the music. I ship Booth/Camille in Bones, not Booth/Brennan. B/B are kinda like BFF, but I just like Booth/Camille more. Oh Booth, why can't you see the light. :(


I probably should lay off mirrorverse for a while after this. Need to concentrate on finishing my K/S WIPs and writing more G/B.....



嗯嗯. More K/S please~~~

XD XD XD 那么祝你考试好运啦~~~~


Actually, I would argue that there is nothing magical about a paragraph and that one theoretically could change tenses in a paragraph.

...It may be a slightly convoluted paragraph and require breaking up, but it would still make sense grammatically.
I ate a banana yesterday. I'm eating a banana now. Guess what I'm going to eat tomorrow?

Yeah, that totally makes sense. Also, I've never heard about the paragraph rule before?

(Oops, my spellcheck is turned on French. No wonder everything is marked wrong...)
Also, I've never heard about the paragraph rule before?

Oh, I got clubbed all over the head for it during high school. My beta readers also mentioned something of the sort.

And no, I'm going to eat some strawberries tomorrow, SO THERE.
I mean, tense shifts all the time is bad, but if it makes sense...

STRAWBERRY SEASON~~ I have two baskets :D
Darlin, it really didn't bother me. I think you speak english better than many of the native speakers I know. Tense can be tricky issue. And I definitely wouldn't attempt to write in Chinese, so I'm pretty impressed with you.
Ah, ah, I really wasn't hoping for sympathy on this one, although in retrospect it can easily be read in such a way. I'm not angsting over it, honestly—if anything, I'm just happy to be getting help from awesome people. :)