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tower of light

April 2017

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st - garak/bashir, ds9 - garak, ds9 - garak/bashir

Bovine!Garak (吃嫩草的Garak君) by asukajude


In Chinese, the act of an older person engaging in a relationship with somebody significantly younger is referred to as "an old cow eating young grass." (The word cow in Chinese is not sex-specific by itself.) Thus amongst my circle of Chinese friends, Garak is known as "he who eats young grass."

Lo and behold, asukajude drew me....very literally, a Garak who's eating young grass. (If you are wondering why does he look so forlorn, it's because I didn't send Asuka a picture of happy!Garak for reference...and because he's pretending to be totally innocent about it all. :P)


the little tuft of grass sticking out of his mouth

Of course you love it. That's Julian you know. XD

And yeah she said she'd draw Julian. After she draws the rest of the Cardassians. (Don't ask, I dun understand either.)

Oh I do so love it XD

I love that he looks so extraordinarily serious!

I have to wonder why XD
Hm, I think akio is the one who started the Princess thing. I guess it's because Julian is perceived as noble but somewhat naive (in certain things)...it also implies a high status/pride in one's self.
Ahhhhh I see.... well that makes sense ^_^

Also..... I love your icon XD
Just thought I'd throw that out there.....
LOL, that is hilarious! I love his little pigtail and expression. :D Thank you two so much for sharing this!
This is the most amazing fanart in the history of ever.
To tell you the truth, I've never watched any episode of DS9...
Lol. I love it!
LOL the first thing I think of when I see his expression is...


*snort rofl*

Awesome. Simply awesome!
HAHAHAHAHA~~~~Oh I remembered the lines in The Emperor's New Groove:
“I'm so bad, bad llama"
Thank you for all the encouragements! I'm so happy you guys like it XD
LOL, that's so great! :D
Your icon, omg, SO AWESOME.
This is an old post, but gosh am I so glad to have stumbled upon this. Browsing the internet when you should be doing schoolwork has its rewards :')

I'm never going to come across fanart this great ever again. No joke.

ETA: Would it be alright if I shared this on tumblr? (not sure who to ask about this)

Edited at 2012-10-29 02:09 am (UTC)
I'm so happy you like it so much. :) Please do share the love!