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tower of light

April 2017

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sup bitches, st - garak

A Pictorial Guide to Cardassian Relationships in DS9, by snowlight and asukajude

Original relationship map done by your truly in Chinese text. Somehow it amused asukajude enough for her to offer drawing a pictorial presentation of it. I am also told that a separate pic for Julian is on the way.


Some explanations, because you ALWAYS wanted to know how the Chinese fangirls talked about DS9:

Cardassia: Often called "Planet C". Coincidentally, C is also the first sound of the letter can, meaning tragic. Thus Asuka called it "The Planet of Tragedies" in the title.

Dukat: His nicknames include “Mr. Antagonist" and "Mr. Evil" (which explains the devil getup). The word "Bajoran" sounds similar to the Chinese word "bajiao", which is a type of musa trees. Therefore Dukat is leaning against a musa tree in the picture to signify his relationships with Bajoran women.

Damar: His nicknames are "Mr. Cannon Fodder" and "Mr. Soy Sauce." In Chinese internet lingo, the term "(buying) soy sauce" is used to mean somebody not having a big role in something, or just passing by. I gave Damar this nickname because I feel he didn't get enough screen time. >_<
Anyway, he is seen here hugging a bottle of soy sauce. Asuka and I agree that he somehow looks like Obama. Don’t ask.

Garak: Nicknamed "Mr. Mask" (when akio first saw him she thought he was wearing a mask, and the name caught on) as well as "he who eats young grass".

Tain: His nickname is “Mr. Black Hand”. Tain’s clothes reminded Asuka of a Tibetan lama so she gave him a halo.


This was so much awesome sauce! Thanks for linking this, and the Garak illustration had me rolling. I, too, was wondering why Tain had a halo. Now I know, and all is right with the world again.