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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Shepherdess!Julian and Lamb!Garak by asukajude

asukajude drew this pic for G/B because apparently they reminded her of this song:

"In that far, far away place / there is a maiden fair...oh how I long to be but a lamb, laying at her feet / and let the thin whip in her hand / fall upon me lightly."

Titled "In that Far, Far Away Place", this is a folk song from the Qinghai region, and is known by practically everyone from China. Sometimes, for no reason at all, I find myself humming it. (In fact, when I think of "Chinese music", this might be the first song that comes to mind.) Yet I recall how once, when I was in grade school, my mother heard me singing it to myself and remarked that it was "indecent." Apparently Asuka agrees with her.

(And from dissociate: "Julian looks a bit like he was going to make lamb stew for dinner...." Err, no comment?)

Click to enlarge!

Also, dissociate forwarded me this picture taken by a friend of hers (TRADER JOE, YOUR WONDERS ARE NUMEROUS!):


Ah, 久遠の河 is gorgeous! I think I came across her songs before but the MVs didn't leave a very big impression....but the live version of 久遠の河 is very striking. Thanks for the rec!
It really is gorgeous. One of my favourite songs by her is the absolutely stunning 明日への讃歌
Her voice in that song is just amazing:
(it's from the same concert ^_^)

And yeah... her PVs aren't amazing... they aren't bad, they just aren't that interesting
It's her voice and music that really sells it though