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tower of light

April 2017

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Finally! K&S bears in Asia! (a whole lotta pictures)

To quote my reply to spdfg: My picture-taking was ridiculously fun. At Yuyuan, a fellow visitor remarked "okay I don't remember seeing that as a part of the garden before..." (He was laughing...)

The bears were mobbed in China. MOBBED. People kept asking me (and saltree) what were they, how much did I get them for, what could they do, etc etc. One shop owner lady even gave me a discount after she touched the Kirk bear. And otherwise in general people were just grinning at me for taking the bears and acting like an overgrown nine year old. But hey I didn't mind. ;)

Some people mentioned the possibility of a bear!K&S shore leave fic. I LOVE this idea. If somebody wants to write it, you are more than welcome to.

Lastly, I'm hoping to go to Europe/North Africa this summer. Maybe I'll be able to take them with me for some portion of the trip! :D


Hi. :) Yeah I caught Beijing's biggest snow in 50 years when I went...it wasn't pretty out there on the streets in terms of transportation, but inside the Forbidden City, it was gorgeous (except for the constant threat of tripping over ice).
The last time I was in Beijing was in the middle of a heatwave at over 40C. The time before that, while it was winter, it was just kinda...icy and no snow. Got a whole load of snow in Harbin and that region where the top temperature was -23C or thereabouts. There were some old Qing Dynasty old palaces/tombs over there as well and they looked amazing but the camera kinda stopped working at that temperature!

Your photos kinda makes me wanna go back to visit China again. Still haven't managed to get myself to Xian to see the terracotta warriors...