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tower of light

April 2017

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eyes, magna carta, onesama, fss - alecto

anime: Trinity Blood, Tatami Galaxy, and Sarai-ya Five Leaves

Was watching Trinity Blood on Hulu. Realized I ship Crusnik!Abel with Tres.

And Catarina with her brother. Either one.
/more facepalm

I keep thinking Zoro when I hear Tres talk, though. After all, they have the same seiyuu--and NAKAI Kazuya is possibly my favorite seiyuu, because he just sounds so very calm and manly. ^o^

The normal Abel is way too soft/preachy for my taste, though.


The Tatami Galaxy (四畳半神話大系), a dark humor take on a hapless guy's college life, is an EXCELLENT new series. I haven't watched new anime in a long time, but this one sucked me in. It's truly original, down to the art style. Though I've already read parts of the original novels (thank you peeps at PKU!). I am always looking forward to a new episode.

Oh, the one thing is: They draw their characters with gigantic ears. You need to be able to look past that. ;)


Sarai-ya Five Leaves (or, House of Five Leaves), on the other hand, is...okay, I guess. Too many cliches, though still entertaining enough to pass the time. Good if you like old Japan/ronin, that kind of theme. One of my problems with it is that I can't ever seem to tell the women apart.

While Yaichi reminds me of Anbu!Kakashi a bit (good), I am often annoyed by the main character Masa, who has the personality of a steamed duck leg (bad). It seems that he doesn't know what he wants, and has neither strong convictions nor moral character. (He fancies himself to be a decent guy, but ends up going along with the bad guys all the same. Not impressed.) And somehow seeing them together in the same frame reminds me of the pairing Kakashi/Iruka from Naruto, which is some epic DNW in my book.

Overall, though, I think this series just tries too hard to be suitably edgy/dark, and the bland protagonist just gets on my nerves. Plus the art style is...not bad, certainly no weirder than Tatami Galaxy and good in a lot of ways (for example, attention to details), and yet...I still get bothered by the way they depict the eyes.


I need to watch DuRaRaRa....