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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Mary Sue RPF about Saladin from *way* back in the day, and ontd_jerusalem

Doubtless [Saladin] has formed the subject of many popular tales, told in the coffeehouses and bazars of Egypt, but so far unpublished. One such romance, indeed, has come to light in an Arabic manuscript at Berlin (published in a Germany translation by Goergens, Arabische Quellenbeiträge), but it is poor stuff.

Richard's sister Rumina is brought captive before Saladin. Saphadin falls in love with her on the spot, strikes off her fetters, and leads her to his tent. There she promises to adopt his religion, but only to gain time. Whilst he sleeps, she escapes, dressed in men's clothes. Saphadin writes to Richard to demand her marriage, but meanwhile is captured by guile. Rumina comes forth on horseback, clad in a knight's coat of mail, to do battle with Saladin. She is again made prisoner, Saphadin is rescued, Rumina embraces Islam—and Saphadin, and the wedding takes place with great pomp.

—Stanley Lane-Poole, Saladin: All-Powerful Sultan and the Uniter of Islam

If this does not give hope to RPF writers everywhere, I don't know what would.

ligeia: if only the internet existed back then, there could be ontd_saladin
renata: ontd_jerusalem
ligeia: rofl yea
renata: oh god it would be GLORIOUS, with WALKING POSTS (wait...riding posts?)
ligeia: there will be Saladin gifs everywhere
renata: And Richard the Lionhearted too. I bet people would ship them
ligeia: LOL yes! There should be a portmanteau of the name
renata: Riladin?
ligeia: Salard…. salad
renata: And they'd be given nicknames. Saladin = Salay?
ligeia: sally


Hahaha, Riladin, it sounds like a pharmaceutical drug. Side effects include going to hell...

(Icon used for the pharmaceutical association only, not for intention XD)
...that is totally the plot of a badfic D:
Yeah, but it's a badfic that's in a museum. :D