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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

10 Genres in 10 Snippets (Star Trek DS9, Garak/Bashir)

Also available for Kirk/Spock and Dean/Castiel.

10 Genres in 10 Snippets
by Renata Lord

1. Angst
He still dreams about Jadzia laying on his operating table, his hands awash in blood.
But on most nights, it's Garak’s face he sees.

2. AU (*)
When he first met Elim Garak, Jules Bashir was as arrogant and melodramatic as only a fourteen year old had the right to be. He saw the alluring exoticism and mystery in the visitor to the Academy, and went after his target with typical adolescent single-mindedness.
Jules stood at that breathtaking precipice of perfect happiness for an entire summer, then he fell.

3. Crack!
When Garak started making clothes for Kukalaka, Julian knew it had to be true love.

4. Crossover
Laying in a corner of the hospital wing, Scorpius Malfoy finally found out why his Potion Master was so very friendly towards the Hufflepuffs.

5. First Time
"This is a terrible idea," he gasps out between the ravenous kisses. "Eventually you will have to choose between—between this and Cardassia. And oh, do I know the choice you will make, come that day."
"Perhaps," Garak concedes amiably. "But my dear Doctor, today is not that day."

6. Fluff
He had the most difficult time understanding rhyming in Arabic until Julian recited Singh el-Bashir’s poems to him.
It was like listening to the skipping stones, from the bottom of the water.

7. Humor
Garak went through several expressions on his face before settling on "pained."
"You are right, my dear," he put the fork down with judicious care. "You are a terrible cook."

8. Hurt/Comfort (**)
Even with the most expensive lotions on hand, shedding is always excruciating. That's why whenever Julian pulls off a piece of dead scale, he always tries to distract Garak with a kiss.

9. Smut
Another bite, another bruise. Delicate flowers of blue and black blossom on the golden skin, reminiscent of the high art from ancient Cardassia.

0. UST
Sometimes he stares at that mouth so blatantly that his lunch companion stops in the middle of a speech, blushing profusely and coming up with all sorts of apologies for being so long-winded.
He can only smile and hope that his eyes don't betray him.


(*): This is an AU which dissociate and I have talked about...one where Julian meets Garak while still in school (and before he realized his own secret). Summer love.

(**): At least, this is what Julian thinks. Garak could very well be making the whole thing up to get Julian to pamper him. :P


I shall show my appreciation for your snippets by writing you one of my own:

Mpreg: Julian gaped at his lover in shock. "What do you mean you're pregnant? How?" He asked, eyeing Garak with a healthy dose of disbelief.
Hahaha, this is what I would write for mpreg:

Jadzia stared at Julian's...well, midsection.

"What do you mean, you and Garak are expecting a kid?"

Julian looked vaguely offended.

"Why do you assume it's me?"
Hee, brilliant!
I loved them all, but I think I loved the Crack! the best. It actually made me giggle aloud. :-D
These are all lovely!

I confess, I'm a little puzzled about the crossover. I suppose Garak would make an excellent potions master... or should we say poisons master? :oP

Julian as a Hufflepuff? Hmmm... You know, I'm intrigued by this...

I am amused that you cannot seem to completely avoid angst in most of these.