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tower of light

April 2017

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st - garak/bashir, ds9 - garak, ds9 - garak/bashir

Scanslation: Addicted to You by MUKOUDA Tessen (DS9, Garak/Bashir, NC-17)

Title: Addicted to You
Artist: MUKOUDA Tessen in doujinshi JULIAN (Dec 2005)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Scanner: Ligeia (dissociate)
Translator and Editor: Renata Lord (snowlight)


I've never even seen ST:DS9

But jealous!Garak and clueless!Julian are both adorable. :)

Re: I've never even seen ST:DS9


Garak usually doesn't get jealous, really. He's too cool for that.
Oh joy! Thank you SO much for posting this! I LOVE it! *flying tackle hug*
Hottest doujinshi I've seen in a long time, and with sexy, jealous!Garak! :D

Thank you for sharing!

Hmm yeah, I love her Garak. Six different kinds of awesome. :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!
*fans self*

This was all sorts of fabulous. Thanks for sharing!
Amazing! I've always wanted to read these. I love the way she manga-cized Julian.
Awwww! Finally I come back to the web-world tonight (I was away for so a long time), and I find your lovely submission posted on my favorite community group!

Thanks!! Thanks so much!! I'm so happy: I love Mukouda's G/B doujinshi, but I don't happen to have any (I looked for any G/B doujinshi, so many times, but to no avail.)

Is there a possibility that you are going to submit some other stories from the volume? (saying that with virtual pleading eyes ;) )

Thanks again, to dissociate as well, for share these two stories with us. :3
I'm so glad this made you happy. ^o^ Yes, there are two stories which we will post shortly, including my personal favorite, Perfume.
Yay! I can't wait! ^__^
Hot, sexy, and wry. It doesn't get any better than that! Thanks for posting this and translating. Very, very awesome!
God yes!! I'm going to have to icon this SO BADLY!!!
Please let me know if and when you do. XD
Cool! You should post them to the comm. XD


You don't know me (but I've lurked around the ST fandom and have read your lovely fics ^^), but I thought I'd drop by and say


I know that doujinshi for just about ANYTHING existed, but I never thought I'd actually see any ST doujinshi. (then again I really haven't tried looking >>;)

Do you mind if I link to your doujin posts on my journal?

Re: ...ohmygod

Haha, awesome icon.

I'm so glad you like it! Please feel free to post the link. :)

Re: ...ohmygod

Why, thank you!

I was also wondering--do any raws exist of these doujinshi? (I'd like my husband to translate it to Korean so that I can read it with a 100% clear understanding... and also, for practice ^^)

Re: ...ohmygod

I'm sure I have the raw somewhere. Please send an email--my addy is in my LJ profile. :)