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tower of light

April 2017

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敖包相会 (Altar Rendezvous)

This is a famous Chinese song adapted from a Daur folksong (the Daur being a minority people residing in the Inner Mongolia region in China). People say it's Mongolian, but this is an misunderstanding.

The song describes a young man waiting for his lover by an aobao (a shamanic altar) at night.

Altar Rendezvous (Aobao Xianghui)

The full moon climbs into the sky
Why is there no cloud nearby?
I'm waiting for my beautiful girl
Why is that you still aren't here?

Without raindrops from heaven
The crabapple flowers shall never bloom
As long as I wait with patience
My beloved will run into my arms, oh....

A cover by the singer Dao Lang, which features his signature smoky voice:

A dance performance using the song (Mongolian version) & the theme, which I enjoyed immensely:

I wish some Chinese pair figure skaters would use this as a number. :) That would be beautiful.


You just made me go look up all sorts of 民歌 on youtube which I haven't heard since I was like, 12!


:D :D :D

I think music is a powerful thing in that it can be an intrinsic memory.

Re: :D :D :D

I love 出塞曲 and 月琴...there are probably more, but those are the 2 that I remember.

Re: :D :D :D


When I was in college, I lived in an all-women dorm for a while and there was a piano in the basement. One day I went down and suddenly heard somebody playing the tune 你看你看月亮的臉. It was a very touching moment. :)
I only know probably about a dozen of so songs, but I totally forgot about 康定情歌... and god, 茉莉花, I can't even remember how that sounds like! *youtubes*

Ahh... yes. The song that my mum used to just sing the first 2 verse of cos that was all she remembered of the lyrics and annoyed the hell outta me! :P

I've forgotten how beautiful 在那遥远的地方 is...

Oh, and let's not forget 阿里山姑娘.