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tower of light

April 2017

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cagali - pretty colors

Raising dragons to be your OTPs is serious business.

Julian Bashir
Gender: Male
White dragons are pacifists and specialize in extremely strong healing magic. The only limit of this magic is that it can't bring back the dead. They only eat plants and never kill living things.
Hi Julian!

Gender: Female
Hellfire Wyverns are so named for their foul tempers and fiery visages. Their social structure places all females above all males, due to superior physical characteristics and violent dispositions. Forced subservience of the males causes them to become vicious, petty, antisocial, and passive-aggresive compared to the aggressive and social females.
That's a Cardassian dragon if I ever saw one, minus the matriachy part. ;)

For Cardassia
Gender: Male
Mother: Cardassia
Father: Julian Bashir

Needless to say, I've also been trying to breed one Elim Garak.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Big Cheese (or whatever it is that Cardassians eat):

Enabran Tain of Obsidian
Gender: Male

Mila Jaxinx
Gender: Female

...they showed NO INTEREST in coming close to each other. Nada. This was my first outright failed breeding. /cry

The bright side is that it wasn't a flatout refusal, so the hope is there for the next time...but even if they do produce the right egg next time, it would have to be a boy to be Elim (obviously). Not to mention, if by chance they produce a Thunder Dragon egg, I'm definitely keeping it over a Stone Dragon egg. (So the question becomes, can Garak be a Thunder Dragon?)


Um, do you want advice re breeding, or just to figure it out yourself?
Ah-ha, do tell! :D
Okay, so if dragons refuse (the word refuse is in the message), they'll never ever breed. No interest is just temporary.

The number of eggs bred (and here I include 0) depends on the number of eggs in the AP. The more there are, the fewer eggs will be bred.

There are also specific eggs that can be produced from certain breedings (ie bluna, shallow, geode)
Oh yeah, I think they just didn't have much interest. Which is why I still have hope. I didn't know about the number of AP vs the number of the eggs bred though. Thanks! :D
Oh, btw, if you need anything bred, I can try for you :D my scroll is hikariumi. I don't usually breed most of my dragons, so they're kind of going to waste :P

And if you want the gold egg, you can have it. >< It's a really long line though
Wow you have so many! :D

I actually ganked a gold hatching just today at my parents' place. I was rather flabbergasted. I'd love a magma egg though if those are available! (Although...trading has never worked for me really.... -_- I don't know what I'm doing wrong.)
Wait, I just realized by long line you mean long lineage. I have friends who would really want one!!!! :O (Or a silver egg...she's hoping to get both gold and silver....)
Haha, yeah! I have lots of silvers too, with shorter lineages..

All my magmas just failed at breeding (I only have two..) but I'll try again next week!
Thanks! Speaking of which, how do you trade? My success rate must be like 5% by now....
Okay, so you set the url to be abandoned/ code, and then refresh like mad (i usually set up several tabs with autorefresh). The other person counts down and then drops, usually.