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tower of light

April 2017

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envy - sulking, grr, critical

Do I have to start in every country disliking it?

In Cairo now. More precisely, Islamic Cairo.

Went to the Egyptian Museum this afternoon, which turned out to be rather disappointing due to the artifacts being extremely poorly curated (even in Arabic) and subpar lighting. After the King Tut experience in NYC, I probably I expected too much. Still, it felt like the place had too many priceless pieces that it didn't have time to even label most of them properly, let along considering arrangements and explanations. The building is quite nice-looking outside, but inside it's...well, ugly is the only word I can think of. Sorry. They were doing construction, that didn't help either.

But I did see Tutankhamun's golden mask as well as his solid gold sarcophagus. That was definitely something. Also learned quite a bit about animal mummies.

As for my experiences with Egyptians so far (more precisely, Egyptian men), eh, what can I say. Some very nice, some not so much. Sigh. It's the same as everywhere else, I suppose.

Tomorrow I'll try to explore Islamic Cairo, from the Citadel that was built under Saladin. Right now though, I'm just tired and a bit unhappy about my initial impressions.


Aww, did they have many artifacts? That may explain them not being able to curate them all..
Yeah. The thing is I think only about 0.1% of the stuff were actually curated, if that. (Probably even less.) I'd say more than half of the things there didn't even have labels (in any language.) And the locations they put the text were often very bad.

With that said, I found out today that they DO have audio guides. The person probably didn't sell me one because he thought I didn't speak English. -________-


ps 求有能增强XXOO能力的饰品。。。【扑】