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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

fangirl squealing about Godric/Eric

God oh God I need TB icons now...

renata: Waaaaah I think I've fallen for this ship...I BLAME YOU!! I BLAME YOU SO HARD >_<
ligeia: Ahahahahaha I TOTALLY CALLED IT
renata: Is this your way of getting back at me for SPN?
ligeia: It's only your fault for letting me know your tastes so well XD
renata: Why did you think I'd like this ship?
ligeia: I think the dynamics were right...that and the sense of epic history? Godric's personality also. And Eric...well how can someone not like Eric XD
renata: But you were right. 1000 years together in faith and love, that's definitely nothing to sneeze at.
And I have to say, the G/E fics I've came across have been pretty good in general. *knock on wood*
ligeia: It's interesting how some fandoms work out that way.
They have a pretty epic relationship in a way...and there is the goth glamour to it like VC, but without the backstabbing. The VC vampires can't really stand each other for more than a couple hundred years.
ligeia: Yea, and thats stretching it XD
renata: I mean, in a way, it humanizes the VC vampires, but at this point I'm more interested in the more idealized version represented by G&E....CENTURIES OF FAITH AND LOVE yo
ligeia: Vampire t'hy'las
renata: rofl
renata: There was a fic where Sookie talks Godric out of sunbathing, and all the while Eric just lies down there, waiting for the link to be severed. and it's....so beautiful *_*
ligeia: I think the TB vampires have the right amount of classical vampire goth in a more modern sensibility. I remember in Buffy when the vampires could be out in day but in the shade. I was just....
renata: Haha it's like that for Black Blood Brothers too. They just wear long coats and bring an umbrella.


The Godric/Eric slash is the only reason I've been wanting to see "True Blood". I was looking for a Methos rehash. But the trashiness of it -- i.e. 'Twilight for the 17 and Up crowd' -- has kept me away.

It's not something generally in my territory.

But then, all the GK fangirls started posting hot pics of Skarsgård from TB onto generation_kill. Skarsgård played a character called "Brad Colbert" in GK who's fandom's OTP of "Nathaniel Fick". And I love GK and Brad/Nate, so yeah...