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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

musings on Mycroft pairings, and Mycroft/Sherlock (or the lack thereof) in particular

I don't understand the Mycroft/John ship!

...Ok, that is a lie. I do. I mean, they did get that scene together and all. But...but if John swung that way he would surely go for Sherlock? (As it is, I'm not sure he wouldn't go for Sherlock even if he didn't swing that way....)

It's...odd, I suppose. I've been checking stuff out on brother_mine, and Mycroft's been with John (see above), Anthea (OK...), Lestrand (slash version of M/A?), OMC/OFC, and EVEN MRS. HUDSON. But so far no Mycroft/Sherlock. In fact, there is no such tag in the comm.

Are we trying to ignore the white elephant in the room? I feel like we are ignoring the white elephant in the room. Sure, there is the stigma of incest, but that has never stopped fangirls before. (Cough...SPN...Numb3rs...even Naruto, oh God.)

Still, even I myself am not sure I want Mycroft/Sherlock, in any rating flavor. I mean, Sherlock/John is definitely the overwhelming fandom favorite here, and with good reason. They are just lovely together. (Caught something alexwish2005 translated from English to Chinese, and I have to say, I really liked it.)

So it begs the question: Why do I want to see Mycroft/Sherlock when there is a popular (to say the least) alternative pairing for Sherlock available?

The only explanation is that I'm a Mycroft fangirl. /facepalm

I love love love love Sherlock (Sherlock version...didn't dig him so much in the movie...or the books, sorry asukajude), and I think John is really cute (not to mention good for Sherlock), but there is something utterly badass about this version of Mycroft, and intriguing about his relationship with Sherlock, that makes me want to do a little dance on the top of the London Eye.

I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, here is a great piece of M&S gen fanart I came across. Done by luluxa: Archenemies.


Ah but interesting is sometimes better than lovable~