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tower of light

April 2017

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sherlock - violin

Sherlock exhibition in Kobe, Japan

From the English House in Kitano Ijinkan.

Pictures taken in January 2010, by yours truly. I deeply regret not being able to take a picture with the coat and the hat, but such are the dangers faced by a single traveler.

The rest are in my LJ scrapbook.


Wonderful pics! I have indeed heard that SH is quite popular in Japan, and here's proof :))
Oh yeah, there were giggling fangirls... :P
Hee ;)

Have you seen this website? If not, I thought it might interest you: http://www.bafta4jb.com

hello and thanks from Russia :)

It is great post! thank you very much :)
I'm sure, Russian Sherlockians will be glad to see your photo gallery of The SH.H.Museum in Japan.

On my view, it looks very authentic to the period and style of Sherlock Holmes.

The photo of the dinner table is more wonderful, I think, and looks very close to aesthetics of Russain Sherlock Holmes thank to a light/shadow play.

Re: hello and thanks from Russia :)

...I mean the aesthetics of the Russian Sherlock Holmes series produced by lenFilm studio in 1979-1986, though, perhaps you didn't keep this in mind :)


Thanks for dropping by! I had no idea that there was a Russian SH series! This is awesome! :D

Re: hi!

I know there's a famous Sherlock and Watson statue in Russia (Moscow?) =)

Re: hi!

yes, there's :)
The statue very looks Vasily Livanov & Vitaly Solomin who played Sh.H. & Dr. W. in the series.

Re: some stuff about Russian Sherlock Holmes series

Thank you for the links! It's very interesting to hear SH & JW to speak in Russian. :D :D