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tower of light

April 2017

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miss wednesday

It feels like December already.

I wrote 11 postcards today, most of them for the holiday card-a-thon thingy. Am I awesome? I think I'm awesome. (Also, this year I'll be mailing cards to a whopping 8 different countries. :D)

Oh and, it will be my very special episode birthday soon, so I am looking forward to read the fics promised. I even wrangled one out of nashaya_rin, go me!

The conversation went like this:
nashaya_rin: So, which pairing do you want me to write for?
snowlight: Mycroft/Sherlock! :D
nashaya_rin: Uh...in case that doesn't pan out, what's the backup choice?
snowlight: Sherlock/Mycroft! :D :D :D
nashaya_rin: ...........

Belatedly caught a bit of the yuletide wank. It's...kind of disappointing. To quote cmdr_zoom:

Wow, it's just like the rest of (the secular celebration of) Christmas. It starts off with an advertising blitz lots of talk about joy and goodwill toward others and the spirit of giving, and ends in stress and guilt and frantic last-minute effort and bitter recrimination and people not speaking to each other. And drinking, lots of drinking.

Speaking of goodwill & etc: The rather dreaded THANKSGIVING is almost upon me. I am terrified of it this year because of the dental problem, but tomorrow I'm going to have another procedure so if I'm lucky, I'll be semi-presentable by Thursday. And aazaieaa is coming to town for the vacation, so it will be great to be hanging out with her for at least Saturday and Sunday. (iris242x, are you coming for Christmas? Because we TOTALLY need to book tickets sooner rather than later if we want to catch a Broadway show or an opera or...SOMETHING.

Anyway, back to writing Blood and Water plus the ksadvent fic! :D


Yes, agreed. Dogblood sucks.