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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

30 day Fanfic meme: Day 9+10+11

List of questions here.

Day 09. A fic that makes you happy

Otter of the Lord by skellerbvvt (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel)

Dean did not expect Cas to come back as an Otter, mostly because…who expects that? Who does that?

Day 10. A fic that reminds you of someone

Wild regrets, bloody sweats by Meadowsweet (Harry Potter, James/Remus/Sirius)

It reminds me of gwen7 because she has tried to get me into J/S in general and what we call "3S-ism" (J/R/S OT3) in particular. It almost worked. Almost.

Day 11. A fic that changed your perceptions of the characters

Lachesis by Miriam Heddy (Numb3rs, Larry/Charlie)

Not necessarily changed my perception, but it brought a whole level of depth to the both of them and the beginning of their relationship. For me, Miriam Heddy would always be synonymous with Numb3rs fanfiction.

Larry looked like he was going to crawl right out of his skin and break something again. He'd tucked his head down between his shoulders and was folding up on himself like a crumpled piece of origami paper, and Charlie suddenly longed to draw him out, suddenly ridiculously turned on by the certainty that it wasn't all just in his head, and that Larry had really wanted him.

Because he'd filed the whole thing away at the time as yet another misread social cue, and, over time, had forgotten about it. And though he'd known he was getting better at it everyday, he still sometimes got people very wrong, though never with any serious repercussions. Though he'd actually never had as much trouble with Larry as he had with some people. So he should have suspected. Maybe he did suspect. Maybe that's why he was still here, this many years later. Maybe it all came down to not misreading that moment—and maybe it was like the problem he began that year but couldn't solve until he'd learned enough to move through to the next steps. His intuitive leaps could only ever take him so far. He had to show his work.


屈指可数就那么几篇,后来都澳洲严打一次罗阿姨严打一次,就灰飞烟灭了……我也去萌犬魔王了 = =bbb