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tower of light

April 2017

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10 years ago, you didn't know me, I didn't know you....

Looking at the ksadvent posting calendar makes me happy. :) I'm really glad I (and aprilleigh24) did it this year! (And I'll be posting along with ragdoll987 and gallicka so....whee!)

As my birthday is coming up, I have been more nostalgic than usual. I was reading my personal LJ from about 10 years ago and...frankly, it's all kinds of terrifying, to the point of making me want to buy a paid account just for a month so I change everything (and I mean everything) to friends only. (Though who is to say I won't feel the same when, ten years from now, I look at this post?)

I am grateful for these ten years.

As imperfect as I am now, I have actually become a better person (hey, it's all relative okay?). To use a cliche, ten years ago I thought I needed a lot of love from others, but now I realize that others need a lot of love from me. I'm still growing, and trying to change with dubious degrees of success...but somehow, I am more at peace with the world around me.

For the better part of the last 10+ years, fandom has been a very significant facet of my life. From the Rotoli della Luna days to a newly reborn Eighty-Eight, I have met a lot of people through fandom. While it's not all wines and roses, I have learned a great deal from my fandom experiences and friends.

Sometimes I hear about how great Eighty-Eight is—not necessarily in terms of "happening-ness" (lord knows we haven't been "happening" for years, if ever), but what it stands for, and what it cultivates. While 99% of that is thanks to the active users (past and present) as a whole plus the efforts of active mods, I'm proud to say that I drew the framework for it. Though impermanence is the rule for all things, it can in no way negate or overwrite the good things in the past or the present. To ask for more would be overly presumptuous.

It's not my birthday yet, and New Year is even further down the corner. But I think I know what I want to do, personality wise, for the coming year; and that is to be more forgiving of others (and yes, myself), to be more accepting of imperfections, and to love the world as it is. One day at a time, as they say.

Oh and: MOST PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN MY HOLIDAY CARDS BY NOW! If I promised you one and you haven't received it (and you don't live in Asia/South America), please let me know. Ta!


happy birthday :D


Happy birthday

Sorry for being late...> <
I am grateful to have known eighty-eight nights, and it really means a lot to me now. I come here to say thank you.>\\\\