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tower of light

April 2017

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cold, haughty

early morning babblings

Went to bed at 9AM. Woke up at around 4PM. Went to sleep again at around 10PM (I think), woke up at 2AM. I'd go back to sleep except I'm hungry.

This is so....not good. Especially because tomorrow (today?) I need to go see parents and on Sunday there is a proposed ski trip. 3.5 hour drive one way, in the snow...I might just not go. =_=

At least, going to take a break from Warcraft now. Uh, healing is kinda making me facepalming at the moment.

Oh and various development on LJ has made me consider if I should migrate off LJ in the long-ish term.... I might have to, eventually. But I don't think I'll be moving to Dreamwidth, unless they miraculously find some sense of layout aesthetics (though one would think if that was possible, it would have happened already). So basically I will be looking at setting up my own Wordpress site hosted by domain (which I already own).

In such an event, of course I'd keep the account for community purposes, but if there comes a day when LJ places an automatic LJ-cut over all my entries for potential adult content, I'll definitely be moving. It's just....not a part of the blog culture that I am used to, and more importantly, many of my visitors are not LJ users, and I can't expect them to get an LJ account and turn this into a friends-only journal just so they can read this one LJ without having to dealing with the extremely annoying LJ-cuts. Friends-only mode of interaction is not my thing, really. Those of you on my friends list know that there is next to nothing that is under a friends-only lock on this LJ. (Maybe like one entry per month?) I try to keep the fandom and non-fandom parts of my life separate, and this is, still, a fandom journal.


I am not so concerned about "removing anything they don't like" part, because in the comments it was clarified that the most they would do (for stuff like yours and mine anyway) is to apply the adult-content designation when they see fit.

The thing is, it appears to me that they are trying to enforce the whole "this journal contains adult content/concept" designation more vigorously, though at this point still through user self-identification.

Now, the problem for me is that my journal does have adult content from time to time (although often in non-English), but for that, say, <5%, I am required to flag the entire journal as adult-content, which means that all the non-logged-in visitors will automatically see nothing of my entries except for "this journal may contain adult content" LJ-cuts. That way, they would have to click on each post individually to find out the actual content behind the cut. Given that my LJ has a lot of non-LJ-users visitors (many of whom are Chinese and don't deal well with English), and the fact that this LJ has about 6 years of near-daily posting behind it (plus the fact that it functions somewhat as an fandom archive), that is so not going to work in my case.

They could have dealt with potential adult content in a journal in a number of ways. They could have a one-time "adult content ahead" warning like AO3 does it, they could have a "need password to visit" mechanism like many Asian blogs do it, or, even better, the password-protected individual entries like the aforementioned Asian blogs. They chose the one form that is most inconvenient and invasive.

As for skiing, I am actually horrible at it. If I go tomorrow, it will be trying out an easier form for me...but I'll have to leave by 6AM and I am not sure that is feasible.