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tower of light

April 2017

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uh-huh, soi fong, ......

Cruise Report, #1

Tried to read The Color of Magic for the Nth time. Still couldn't really get into it. But Good Omens was excellent! I love, love, LOVE Crowley and Aziraphale, both separate and together. (Will need to look up fanfics for those two once I am back in NY.)

I also got the Chinese translations of The Da Vinci Code and some other Japanese suspense novel from the ship's library, the latter of which I promptly misplaced alongside with The Color of Magic. Woe is me.

Otherwise, cruise is...cruise. A bit more comfortable than what I imagined, which I suppose explains why I've been sleeping almost non-stop (slow-ass internet is $60 for 100 minutes, no comment). The hot-water pool is nice, though, especially at night when there's barely anybody else there. The fundamental problem with me on a cruise is this: I don't drink, gamble, work out, go to European eateries, play bridge, party, or shop. That probably makes me a very boring-sounding person, and I'm surprisingly OK with this.

The ship will call at San Juan tomorrow afternoon. It has been almost 10 years since I last visited (Barcadi and all). No trip to the rain forest this time, though. I hope the weather will be clement. Ah, Old San Juan... I would wonder how much has changed, but in truth I remember very little from my previous trip aside from that I paid about $100 for a pair of bikinis.

Lastly, Iris and I watched The Green Hornet before I left. Jay Chou! JAY CHOU! JAY CHOU WAS AWESOME!


Yes, Jay's English was perfect! :P
Good Omens fic is both semi-plentiful (for a book fandom) and primarily Crowley and Aziraphale focused!

Dan Brown is a terrible author D:
Do you have any recs? I looked a few up but none of them feel particularly right.
Not off the top of my head, but Yuletide has some good ones!