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tower of light

April 2017

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Good Omens & Discworld on TV

Good Omens mini series! YES!

Also, a new Discworld Watch TV series! :D :D :D

The main focus of the series will be set in the bustling, highly mercantile, largely untrustworthy and always vibrant city of Ankh Morpork and will follow the day-to-day activities of the men, women, trolls, dwarves, vampires and several other species who daily pound its ancient cobbles (and, of course, Igor in the forensics department). Terry commonly refers to the City Watch police force series "the jewels in his Discworld Crown". These richly developed and highly compelling characters will feature in a 'crime of the week' episodic storyline. As each weekly adventure unfolds, viewers will be taken on a ride through Pratchett's genius imagination, with the author overseeing the creation of the series, where wild and exciting encounters with werewolves, dragons, dwarfs, trolls and golems and the classic heroes and villains, are an everyday occurrence... many of whom even make outstanding crime fighters!

I am SO looking forward to the both of them! Maybe I'll finally be able to get some Vetinari/Vimes fic if the 2nd one actually happens? I just hope Sir Terry, working on borrowed time, can see the 2nd to fruition and make it something worthy of the Discworld universe.

Incidentally, I re-read Jingo just yesterday. Oh, Ahmed and the D'regs! I think I'll finish reading Unseen Academicals this week.

In other news, spring has come (I think). Had my appendix removed a while back, so going to the surgeon tomorrow for a follow-up visit.


I'm so excited for the Discworld Watch Series! I just hope it lives up to the books. Vetinari/Vimes fic?? I wouldn't mind seeing some of that myself ;)
The thing with Vetinari/Vimes is that I can only imagine them in a platonic context. I actually came across a few, ah, kinky fics and promptly went "omgomgomg what IS THIS" upon reading the summaries. So. Conflicted.
I get what you mean I'm not sure I'd be able to cope with Vetinari/Vimes kinky fics. More like friendship fics. Expanding on the relationship existing in the books.

I'm in love with your icon FYI
Yeah, I think a problem (?) for that ship, for me, is that the canon material already establishes it and describes it so perfectly. The fanworks would have some pretty big shoes to fill.

The icon was made by dried_frog_icon! You can see more here:

BTW, insanely jealous of you Brits who can buy Discworld stamps now! I want want want the Rincewind one! And the White Queen one, too!!
It's one of the problems with the TV adaptations. The books are so perfect that I worry it won't be as fantastic on TV. So far I've not been disappointed. I've read some fanworks and I just can't get into them because they aren't has perfect as the books.

You want some? I'm sure I could get some and send them over. They aren't that expensive. My mum would be totally in to helping me out with it, she used to collect stamps so would get it.
Oooh thanks for the offer!! Maybe you could send a postcard with the stamps on them? Would that work? I will send one back from my travels this year! :D :D
Sure I could do that. I know a couple of good place to get postcards near me. I think that would work really well :D
I came back from the (very handsome, for a bonus) doctor already. I am officially without staples!

Going Postal is really quite nice. I like it much better than the other 2 adaptations. (Although this could be because of the characters involved.....)
A case could be made that Vetinari went to a House of Slytherin. Yes, Certainly.