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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

This earth, this England.

I will be visiting Ireland, Northen Ireland, and Scotland this April. After that I will probably hop over to London and perhaps even the continent proper if budget allows. I kinda want to catch the royal wedding, and not just because I kept telling asukajude (and anybody who would listen, really) that Kate looks like a slightly younger versin of Anthea.

I guess this means you shan't need to mail me those postcards now, krazykoodles! :P

Travel Plan. Or, why my brain cells died by the gazillions:

Had to make phone calls to credit company because it refused to process my attempts to purchase airplane tickets. Fail.

Anywhere, this is my current itinerary:

4/11: NYC – Dublin
4/20: Dublin – London Stansted
4/22: London – Edinburgh (need to buy bus ticket)
4/28: Edinburgh – London (need to buy bus ticket)
5/02: London Luton – Tallinn
5/06: Tallinn – Stockholm
5/10: Stockholm – Dublin
5/11: Dublin – NYC

The inter-UK bit is somewhat murky, because I don't know what will asukajude's living arrangement be like come end of April. (Please let me know if I can stay at your place ASAP because the hostels are charging somewhere around $100 per dorm bed, thanks to the royal wedding. O_o How early do you have to get up for that wedding anyway? I am thinking of taking the overnight coach from Edinburgh on the day before...)

As it happens, Miss Yoshimoto apparently has extra tickets to the 4/30 showing of Frankenstein, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. So. Hugely exciting, especially considering all the seats are currently sold out. Am crossing my fingers that this would work out.

I am quite thrilled to be (well, going to be) back in London again: All the government buildings I didn't visit before! All the museum collections I didn't get to see properly! All the Chinatown baozi I didn't stuff myself with! (Hmmm....baozi...)

Still a ton left to do in preparation for the trip, but I feel better now that the airline tickets are out of the way.


If you ever go to the continent proper, I highly recommend going to visit Germany! I know, I know! Not a place people usually recommend, but really, I fell in love with that country since I have visited, beautiful place.

Not to say that the other countries are not lovely (France looks awesome, too), but Germany is the one that people usually overlook, so I normally try to recommend it more to compensate, :P

Happy travelling! I wish I can go there again, :/
嗯,我知道德国很好啊。:) 不过我心中是把德国和奥地利/瑞士/匈牙利放一块的,所以要去的话会一起去。这次是没有足够的时间。:) 法国的话去年夏天去了~~

中国应该也有很多可看的呀。^_^ 我一直想去西藏……
看到Miss Yoshimoto喷了……圈子就是这么小啊 = =
Have I told you I saw Frankenstein? It was a simulcast at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. BC was playing the Monster that day. There was A LOT OF SKIN. I thought it at the time, discussed with my friend, and I will say it again. He has a really nice @ss. (Oh the other stuff - set design and acting ect., was marvelous too. =w=)
This is definitely VERY USEFUL INFORMATION. I salute you.