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tower of light

April 2017

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sougo - petal, sarcastic

Breakout Kings

Watched episodes 1-4 of Breakout Kings. (Did not watch Prison Break before, btw.)
  1. The premise is very interesting, though partially unfulfilled at the moment. Both Erica & Lloyd have compelling reasons to conform, but I don't see it with Shea really. Although things still could be shaken up in the future (at any given point)....

  2. The characters. Charlie is very eye-candy worthy. The reviews keep saying that too much attention is focused on Lloyd at the expense of other characters, and I think that is true to a certain extent. But I don't agree with the assessment that this has made the other characters uninteresting. Shea is somewhat stereotypical and underused, yes, but he is still likable. (That's one of my complaints, actually, that the cons are too likable....) Julienne has potential character-wise, too.

  3. I do like the character of Lloyd a lot. I have no shame about this. I started watching the series because of a Fandom Secret about liking him, actually. I was fascinated by Jimmi Simpson in Psych as Mary. (Yes, Mary.)

  4. I really liked the 4th episode.

  5. Ships. Ah, the inevitable ships. breakout_fic is mainly het, and apparently the most popular ships are Lloyd/Julienne (they even have their own comm!) and Ray/Erica, the latter of which I do not understand. Lloyd/Julienne I can see, although I have to say so far this ship gives me a creepy vibe because I don't think Julienne is in a strong position vis-a-vis Lloyd. Lloyd/Shea I'd love to see, though. Such a pity that breakout_slash is a ghost comm. Het wise I kind of want to see Charlie/Julienne. (Charlie's marriage is totally going to fall apart as it is....)