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tower of light

April 2017

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cagali - pretty colors

Carrot & Angua

Because I more or less finished reading The Fifth Elephant while on the road.

I'm beginning to see Carrot in a wholly different light. I mean the hints were always there, but I guess I chose to disregard them until now, since I kind of got them shoved in my face and all.

It makes him much more interesting as a character, certainly. Yet I worry for Angua. The consolation is that whatever he is, he does love her. Enough to resign his post and run off to Uberwald after her, hell and high water (plus a lot of freezing snow).

But Gavin. Oh, poor Gavin. He died for what he believed in, to be sure. But I can't help but think that during the last struggle, he leapt by reflex, because Angua's brother made her cry--even if those tears were for his rival for her affection. That's courtly love for you, from a wolf.

Before this book, I never truly comprehended why Angua was so torn up about the other part of her nature. That is no longer the case. I can see her bone (no pun intended) with Carrot now. She sees the flaw within herself (what 99.99% of the world would regard as flaw, herself included), and because she can't quite believe Carrot is that 0.01%, she thinks he's ducking the issue by willful ignorance. On his part, because he is such a Nice Guy (or has to be such, who knows), Carrot probably can't reassure her the way she needs him to.

I am pleased to hear that Angua made captain in I Shall Wear Midnight, at least. It will be interesting to see if her dynamics with Carrot changes now that they are of equal rank.