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tower of light

April 2017

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spn - castiel, spn - wings

Of Misha and empire.

The evening bartender at Caledonian Backpackers is like this...washed-out and slightly less cute version of Misha Collins. From Spain.

Clearly that is not quite the most memorable thing about my first day at Edinburgh but I was reminded of how asukajude was telling me that Misha & Jensen were spotted in a gallery in Florence (with their respective families). Ah, time to pick up SPN again? But I still have yet to read a really, really good and consistent D/C story.

On a travel note, people here have been very kind. I spent a good chunk of the day at Edinburgh Castle, much of it in The Scottish National War Memorial. It was there that A Realization, germinating ever since my visit to the Westminster Abbey last summer but really having its roots all the way back in Tokyo, finally articulated itself in my mind. I suppose there is some cross point between my fangirl career and my intellectual (?) growth, after all.



I don't know if this meets your definitions, but:



(slight Dean/Sam, evil!sam!kinda wip but not and totally worth the read, Dean/Castiel of course)
- http://deancastiel.livejournal.com/83638.html
Thank you for the recs. I will check them out! :D
But I still have yet to read a really, really good and consistent D/C story.

It's funny, I don't actually read a lot of D/C but I ship them like mad. I think I have little interest in reading it in the first place, for reasons that are not wholly known to me.

Did you hear about the Misha & Jensen re-enactment of the restaurant orgasm scene in "When Harry Met Sally"? Misha was kind of hamming it up but it was cute. XD
For me it's like, I really do ship D/C. Earnestly. But as I think we have discussed this the first time around...it was difficult to find fics which, ah, spoke to us. I mean for K/S we were constantly inspired by other people's works (and mutated our own myriad universes), but in my memory that didn't really happen at all for D/C. So I ended up being more or less confined in my own little head about this pairing...and it was like, if it's all the same in terms of not-reading-fic and just theorize in my head, I'd rather theorize about Michael/Castiel, you know?

Of course, being the shallow person that I am, Adam!Michael killed most of the Michael/Castiel for me, sigh. So it's just D/C now, I think.