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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from....the dungeon? (Castiel, meet Esmé Stewart.)

While in the Edinburgh Castle, I brushed briefly on my scanty knowledge of Scottish royal history. Then I decided to look up James I, the son of Mary, Queen of Scots. Old Bessie might have chopped his mum's head off, but that didn't prevent him from ascending the throne and uniting England & Scotland (and Ireland too, but diff story). I've always thought it's one of the great ironies of British history.

And oh Lordy, what did I find but this James was that James, the one with George Villiers to his credit. (History = gossip in so many ways.) Upon reading this time though, I found one Esmé Stewart in his life. And it's a bona fide tragic love story.

I just had to go and turn it into Dean/Castiel. Except not so tragic, given the nature of Castiel.

snowlight: I'd always known about Villiers, but damn, the first one he had...that Esme Stewart.... it is a bona fide romantic tragedy.

ligeia: That is so tragic! The secret correspondence...leaving James his embalmed *heart*. OMG.

The duke journeyed back to France and kept a secret correspondence with James. Lennox in these letters says he gave up his family "to dedicate myself entirely to you"; he prayed to die for James to prove "the faithfulness which is engraved within my heart, which will last forever." The former duke wrote "Whatever might happen to me, I shall always be your faithful servant... you are alone in this world whom my heart is resolved to serve. And would to God that my breast might be split open so that it might be seen what is engraven therein.


Also, I'm dying over the poem in the second to last paragraph on Villiers. DYING.

snowlight: And he converted to Protestantism for James you know, which was a HUGE deal back in those days since they really believed you were gambling with your everlasting salvation. A lot of people refused to convert even under swords. Certainly no queen or king ever converted for a consort.

I find it touching that he didn't go back to Catholicism even after James had to exile him to France (which was Catholic).

ligeia: The whole scenario sort of reminds me of the May-December thing where the youth is the one pursuing the older man. Except in this case, the youth also just so happens to be the king. I love how dedicated and loyal Esme (great name, btw XD) was to James. Really interesting story...it's not surprising how it ended, I suppose, but how moving it is nonetheless.

snowlight: Yeah the king grew up not knowing either of this parents and had a string of regents....I was surprised that he even had the capacity to trust an older man.

ligeia: Yea...I wonder what it was in the Duke that he was so drawn to in the first place. Maybe it was because he never had a figure like that in his life that he sought it out, unconsciously or otherwise...?

snowlight: haha oh no this is shaping up to be a Dean/Castiel thing (except Castiel didn't die per se in the end, just left the EMBALMED mortal heart with him and went back to heaven). Also, the bit about the duke converting totally fits with Cas breaking with heaven for Dean. Just sayin'.

ligeia: IT'S TOTALLY CANON. Castiel would forsake his family, anything because he believes/trusts/loves~ Dean *that* much. And I 100% support this as a D/C thing. XD

snowlight: Was just reading the bio entries of some people on that page. for example Esme:

'Sir James Melville described him as "of nature, upright, just, and gentle".'

''Lennox had to make a choice between his Catholic faith or his loyalty to James. At the end Lennox chose James and the king taught him the doctrines of Calvinism."


ligeia: OMGG LOLOL
FACEPALMING LIKE MAD (I mean, can they make it any easier?)

But Esme/Cas also knew how to smite and be ruthless if he wanted to be:

The Scottish Kirk remained suspicious of Lennox after his public conversion and took alarm when he had James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton tried and beheaded on charges of treason.

But of course, unlike in real life there Cas just goes back to heaven because he's too awesome to die.

snowlight: Clearly. All Dean has to remember him by was his embalmed mortal heart and all that.

He had his chance but he blew it because he was too weak as a king!

(Now, if we ignore both historical and SPN canon, this would turn him into some kind of world-conquering tyrant....)

ligeia: LOL yes! And canon already tells us exactly how Dean is like when he's acting like a tyrant of sorts (that back to the future episode).

(And Cas is just looking down from heaven, shaking his head BUT STILL LOVING DEAN)