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tower of light

April 2017

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confused, worried

In which a Castiel fangirl insists neither Dean nor Balthazar is head over heels for Castiel.

So I've been trying to read Balthazar/Castiel fics and, alas, find myself unable to enjoy any of them.

I'm a Castiel fangirl, but a lot of the stuff is really over the top, even for me. Letting the universe (and other characters) bending over itself for your favorite character is a form of Mary Sueism, because the stuff becomes so OOC (though I am aware that I'm talking about Supernatural) that they might as well be considered OCs in familiar skins anyway.

Dean is not fervently in love with Castiel. His life is too fucked up at the moment (admittedly it has been a very long moment) for him to be fervently in love with anyone. I like Dean Winchester for a lot of things, but his romantic life is fucked up and he is a mess in that respect. Castiel's angel mojo isn't a complete magic cure for that, no matter what most D/C fics out there seem to imply.

And Balthazar is not cuddly nor saccharine. He's unexpectedly sweet at times, but he is not about to make a tender love confession to Cas. No, really, he is not.

But then again, this is Supernatural, some morbid crossover between a soap opera and a grand fandom experiment. It defies logic in every sense of the word. (Not that fandom has ever been about logic.)

Still I ask myself, why do I want to write Balthazar + Castiel gen kid!fics? Why? I blame Sebastian and Misha.


Hahaha, I guess that you do not approve of this post, judging from both the icon and the pics? :P