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tower of light

April 2017

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shigeru - x_x, >_>

Stockholm Syndrome? Not yet.

First impression of Stockholm: Expensive. Crowded. Unfriendly to tourists (in terms of public services, not people).

It doesn't help that after a pretty amazing hostel in Tallinn, the place I'm at right now is fairly terrible (name is Morseback Hostel, for reference). It's one of those places which doesn't want to tell you about the services they provide (because there is none) but keep asking you if you want to pay for one thing or another. Now logically it follows that I should have paid more for a better one, but the thing is, for about $25 a night, this is the best one available. I've never seen hostels outside Sweden that charge you extra for bedsheets, but it seems to be the rule in Stockholm at least.

And this place's top bunk is fucking dangerous. AND my adapter doesn't work for their bloody sockets, AGAIN.

So yes I'm in a fairly foul mood right now. This is a city that charges you $5 for 2 stops on its subway system. Plus—plus! They removed most tourist information points. The computers left in their places are not helpful at all. AND THE TICKET MACHINES DON'T TAKE AMERICAN CREDIT CARDS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CHIP IN THEM. (Nor does the hostel machine, which is even more WTF.)

The only saving grace is that I asked for directions from a policeman who looked like a somewhat weathered version of Benedict Cumberbatch a la his Van Gogh impression. I was all but mesmerized for all that 10 seconds conversation. Alas. Alas.