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tower of light

April 2017

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lonely, nostalgic, gazing3

wandering in the desert and all that

For all my professed love for blond-haired blue-eyed gorgeous men, in the end, my favorites remain those with dark hairs and lithe frames.

Which does not explain why I want to write female!Loki. (I blame all the prompts on norsekink?)

But it would be good for me to start writing again. Um. Stuff happened. Yeah. Just—old issues which never were resolved coming back to bite me really hard, that sort of thing. I don't know what to say, except I kind of realized that I'm still a social animal, and that being social isn't necessarily a burden. It's like I spent the past few years purposedly not growing up, then something forcibly changed all that through chain reaction. As far as ichi-go ichi-e goes, that's pretty damned amazing.

Tomorrow aazaieaa is coming and we are seeing Wicked on Thursday night. I tried to sell Thor to her and utterly failed. Boo. But I shall not give up! There is still stellary (who finally received my postcard a month after it was mailed from Edinburgh)! (Speaking of which....did you ever get that card from Tallinn, in_the_bottle...?)

And yeah, did I mention that I <3 norsekink?


Yes!! I got it last week!! Kept telling myself I need to let you know but things have been so crazy that I keep forgetting! *facepalm*

Whatever that building it, it looks like something straight out of a fairy tale! :D
Great. :) The old town in Tallinn is very charming indeed.
are you going to write what I requested?
Trying. Finding it difficult however, orz.