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tower of light

April 2017

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some ramblings about A Game of Thrones (& ASOIAF)

As a testament to my laziness, I couldn't really get into ASOIAF until the TV series came out—even though I had read bits of A Game of Thrones and really enjoyed it. Upon viewing the TV series and pigging out on ASOIAF wiki, though, I decided that there is a limit as to how much I can get into it.

WARNING: Mild spoilers below for those who haven't read the books.

Winter Is Coming

I want to like the Starks. I do. But Ned and Robb, oh lord, they make me want to bang my head (their heads?) against the wall for being so bloody noble. THERE IS NO FUTURE IN IT, and they don't seem to realize that, which makes them, well, stupid. And stupidity is not an endearing trait.

I know a lot of people dig Arya, but I think I am hopelessly biased against her. Catelyn is pretty cool but 1) she is technically a Tully and 2) after the Red Wedding she turns…yeah. Amongst the more developed Starks, I am actually most sympathetic to Sansa at this point, despite her hater trains, possibly because I am not supposed to like her so I have low expectations.

On the other hand, Bran and Rickon are cute! Cute! Is it wrong to ship them? It's wrong to ship them right?)

Hear Me Roar!

Ah, the Lannisters. Somehow I find myself rooting for them, despite the fact that 1) Tywin is a terrible father, 2) Cersei isn't as bright as she ought to be for someone in her position (putting it somewhat lightly, I realize), 3) Jaime later comes to detach himself from Cersei (I like brother-sister ships, sue me), 4) Tyrion gets no love from his own house, and 5) Joffery is an absolute little dick who does not have an ounce of intellect in him.

I'm pretty sure I have little morals whereas this universe is concerned, so I would have been cool with manipulative!Cersei as the power behind the throne while bonking Jamie on the side. But noooo, she has to be so bad at it, sigh.

All in all I think the Lannisters really hit the jackpot with casting. There can't be enough praise for Peter Dinklage, obviously. And Tywin. Oh I love Charles Dance as Tywin. His entrance scene, with the stag and Jamie, was utterly perfect. (Dance also made a pretty good Lord Vetinari in Going Postal.) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (I can't believe he's over 40 already!) is very amiable as Jamie despite the whole, uh, "the things I do for love" part.

I still ship Cersei/Jaime. Always did and possibly always will.

Fire and Blood

First off, THANK YOU GOD that Tamzin Merchant didn't get to play Daenerys. She was terribad (and ugly IMO) in The Tudors. Not that I particularly like Dani, but it would have been a bona fide hardship to endure episodes upon episodes of Tamzin Merchant. Emilia Clarke is a much, much better choice and she has done wonderfully. Viserys is great to drool at plus hate at the same time. I just wish GRRM made him a more complicated character in the books.

I like how the Targaryens look. I like the brother-sister thing (again, sue me). But that's about the extent of my love for that house. I mean I get where Dani is coming from, but eh, utter lack of sympathy really. The difference between Targayens and Lannisters is that the Lannisters don't lie to themselves with this whole destiny and "rightful" BS.

Also, uh, no romantic appeal from the Dothraki for me. None.

Lastly, am I the only one who doesn't get the Rhaegar love? Granted, this is probably ONLY because I don't like how Arya looks (is it mean to call a little girl ugly? Sorry Maisie Williams...), and therefore don't like how Lyanna is supposed to look, and therefore very much question Rhaegar's taste in women. -________- In some alternative universe I would have liked Rhaegar/Jamie (plus Cersei/Lancel?) though, just saying.


At this point I don't know what I will be doing (or where, for that matter) on the actual day of the match. I will find out more after this weekend (volunteer meeting). I might just volunteer for the preparation stuff because I want to see the march it self. And yeah if you are going (and I'm not languishing somewhere) let's meet up. :)