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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

A Tale of Two Brothers

So I Have Been Thinking: My main obstacle with with writing Thor fic is that I don't really feel any of the other characters except maybe Frigga. No matter how close they are, the Thor/Loki relationship cannot happen in a vacuum. But I don't have the mental fortitude to forage my way around Marvel canon to know their Asgard and Avenger years, nevermind Loki's numerous hellspawns. So there are character depth issues here because...as important as the relationship is, it's not what defines Thor or Loki. There has to be more.

I just...can't seem to find a backstory for the both of them. And that bothers me, because I'm usually good at this sort of things. Usually I jump at this kind of opportunity, really. For Mycroft/Sherlock I conjured up a whole organization called Diogenes in the style of MI7 in order to provide character depth to Mycroft (because, let's face it, I find John very tricky to write from Sherlock's end). There was also the whole Holmes family history, which, in my head at least, provided motivations and development for both Mycroft has a character and his relationship with Sherlock.

With Thor and Loki, however, the problem seems to be that I know enough of the Norse mythology (arguably the ultimate-canon, though YMMV) AND Marvel-verse canons (yes, plural) to be unable to ignore them; yet at the same time I don't know nearly enough of them to comfortably navigate my way through them.

In the same vein of thought, I kind of feel bad about fulfilling norsekink prompts, because my fills (or would-be fills) are so...short. Alas, that's the only thing I'm halfway decent at, writing vignettes. (Well that and coming up with twisted plots.)


I don't know about the fic you post, but do you mind these issues so much if you were writing fic just for yourself? (by that I'm imagining PPC!Jim hahahaha)

Marvel...can be a bitch, lol. I want to say that for a movieverse fic there may be more leeway than a 616-verse fic, but fwiw what you said is also kind of a reason I never wanted to write Marvelfic. XD
Are you kidding me? For PPC!Jim we totally created a whole AU where Ze Vulcans took over everything! (And it was glorious!)
I think Abyss is the pinnacle (lol abyss is the pinnacle) of "twisted plot", hahaha.
If you add dreamverse, I'm tempted to agree.......
Marvel canon is just insane though. You could say that you're just using bits of different canons?
Yeah or I could just do...movie-verse, I guess. Or worst comes to worst, AU is not a crime either....