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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Quick thoughts on TV.

Breakout Kings is renewed for a second season! Yay!

Burn Notice: Noooo Max! I barely knew thee. T_T AND I DEMAND MORE JESSE, period.

True Blood: I totally knew Godric made another appearance just by looking at godriceric. :P

Caught an episode of Law and Order: UK the other day. Damn. I had no idea Americans exported a TV idea to the Brits!

I am finally warming up to the Harvey/Mike pairing for Suits. Buuuut, Harvey/Jessica would be such awesomesauce too. I can't decide. On a side note, I keep thinking of Johnny Depp every other minute when I look at Harvey. (Sorry Gabriel Macht...) And Tom Lipinski's Trevor is one of those faces which just annoys me for no reason like all, like Shia LaBeouf's. (Although SLB is the worst of all.)

I really wish Dexter would come back with a new season already....


Oh by the by, I've watched all the LOUK eps and liked them. Ronnie (the senior Detective) is one TV cop(per) I would want sit by me after going through a horrific event. The other is Hotch from Criminal Minds. Maybe Mac too from CSINY. One who I NEVER want to sit by EVER is Horatio Caine.
I gave up after one episode of LAOUK. The accent was too much, for some reason.

And yes, oh god, no Horatio Caine please. I stopped watching CSI: Miami just because of him. I would prefer Seeley Booth (Bones), or Mac, or Ed Green (LAO).