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tower of light

April 2017

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uh-huh, soi fong, ......

Captain America: the First Avenger...and other movie stuff

Went to Manhattan and watched Captain America: the First Avenger with cipher0099, who is really bubbly and adorable. ^.^ In her words, this movie is full of Jack Sues and one Mary Sue, plus the plot is full of "???" points konwn as gapes of logic. It's super-hero-y enough and not bad in that sense, but Watchmen this ain't. (Still, Natalie Dormer with short blond curls! OMG! And I just found out she will be playing Margaery Tyrell in ASOIAF next season! Double OMG!)

Chris Evans is pretty good looking, though not in the "devastatingly handsome/beautiful" way that Chris Helmsworth or Chris Pine is. (Why are they all named Chris...?) But I have to say, what excited me THE MOST was the secret promo after the credits for The Avengers. LOKI!!! LOKI!!! THOR!!! I was fangirling so hard that I literally gasped for air.

Now the question is: Do I go watch 3D SEX & ZEN???

Note to self: need to proofread that T/K fanfic translation tomorrow...I've been so, so bad. -_-


Captain America was definitely a very vanilla superhero film for me. XD I can't say I didn't find it totally enjoyable, but I wouldn't necessarily see it again, either. But I do think the Watchmen comparison is a bit unfair, because whereas the graphic novel itself stands apart to me as a work, I would personally rather see CA again a dozen times than see another plodding, self-important rendition of Watchmen on-screen. XD