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tower of light

April 2017

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st - gaila, playful

In which our fearless protagonist spends money like there is no tomorrow.

Stuff to buy:
1. A new laptop.
2. New treadmill. (Maybe. But it's expensive! >_<)
3. Maaaaaybe a Kindle but I Doubt It.

Also there is THIS! Broadway Week, two tickets for the price of one! dissociate? cipher0099? I have seen several of the listed shows already, but I am interested in Jersey Boys and Priscilla Queen of the Desert! There is also The Addams Family but, eh, really negative reviews and all...

And, oh hi Snape!


No Mac for me! I'm lazy and don't wanna worry about any of the conversion stuff.

The current treadmill is not breaking down, but it's very very old-fashioned. And a new one would be, well, shiny and all.

I think Jersey Boys has the weekend blacked out for the deal (boo) so Priscilla would be a better choice? Haven't seen the exact prices/seats though. The booking starts on Monday.
Yeah let's say Priscilla for now? Let me know what kind of seat/price you are willing to put up with. :P I presume I'm buying the tickets online?

sent you the ticket email but a quick recap

Priscilla - Queen of the Desert
Palace Theatre New York, New York, NY
Sun, Sep 18, 2011 02:00 PM

Orchestra row T, seats 114-116
$75 per ticket.
Oooh, new computer. Shiny. Maybe Acer?

How often do you use the treadmill?. I need to excersice. Ugh.

Kindle! Try it, it's great. You can always return it. Lots of free ebooks out there too. I feel guilty though, because I read nine chapters of the first Twilight book on mine. I feel like I should buy it a cupcake or frozen yogurt for the misery it must have gone through. It'll be glad to know that I have no plan to read further.
Man, I don't want to think about how often I (fail to) use the treadmill.

As for the layout, it's under "Seasonal" in layouts. There are a couple similarly themed ones available for other seasons as well. I really like them.
Your new LJ theme is very shiny. Where did you get it?
I like my kindle, but tbh, I only use it when travelling. It's just easier to read off a computer screen, since everything is already there!