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tower of light

April 2017

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social calendar for October

deliraina invited me to Smoky Mountains for seeing red leaves this year, but iris242x isn't keen on the idea and suggested that I just go to Duke. Looking at my October calendar, though, I have to say neither is very likely. Which is a shame, because North Carolina is lovely in October (if last year is any indication to come by), and JetBlue has cheap tickets.

10/1 (Sat): Avenue Q (with cipher0099)
10/2 (Sun): Going to see parents I think....
10/3 (Mon): Skydiving in PA (ahhh I really need to call those people)
10/8 (Sat): David's wedding
10/9 (Sun): Shame at New York Film Festival (with dissociate)
10/11 (Tue): Chingilsh
10/11 (Tue): Snuff comes out!!!
10/21 (Fri) - 10/24 (Mon): Going to Baltimore for aazaieaa's birthday. Visiting to DC on Saturday.

I kind of want to see Anna Bolena (an opera about Anne Boleyn opening at MET) too, but apparently it got panned even though the female lead, Anna Netrebko, is really quite a jewel. So maybe I'll catch Madama Butterfly for my birthday instead.....but I want to go with L and there just aren't any half-decent linked seats left. :(


What about a standing room ticket? If you end up hating Anna Bolena, then you can sneak out without too much wasted, but if you like it, you can get a seat later. XD

(Have fun skydiving!)
Doesn't getting a standing room ticket requires one to show up, like, really early and wait there or something?

It's okay....

The leaves will come back, and hopefully the world won't end before next fall. ^^

Shame at New York Film Festival

...not fair. *headdesk*