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tower of light

April 2017

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content, eat, satisfied

I can't wait to meet you.

I ordered a new Alienware M14x and it's due to arrive in 2 weeks. Very excited about that. :D It's going to have red panel with orange lighting. For the inscription, I chose "Le papillon."

An instinctive move would be to name it after a certain shade of red. (It's supposed to look like this, or something.) But I'm thinking I should name it Ashura, after Zelman Clock of the Ashura clan in Black Blood Brothers. Besides, it's a fitting name for a gaming laptop. :) MY ENEMIES SHALL BURN!

Anyway. Uh yeah, I went to see Shame at the New York Film Festival with dissociate on Sunday. Not sure how exactly to describe this thoroughly depressing movie. All that emptiness and inability to connect with people (not just the protagonist but pretty much all major characters), very sad. Yes there is a TON of nudity (and Michael Fassbender is hung like an elephant, pardon my lack of subtlety), but there is really very little feeling, let alone joy, in it at all. There is only indiscriminate need, and one has to question if sex can be all that great when it becomes demanding like a job.

Speaking of fucked-up love life movies, I came across Love Me If You Dare (or in original French: Jeux d'enfants) today and all I could think of was: Man, why does Marion Cotillard keep popping up as the crazy woman?


I've been trying to forget some parts of the movie since I saw it. XD (I have SO MUCH second-hand humiliation at the porn on the work computer thing!)

I think Richard Corliss said it well when he said this about the movie:

What's really off-putting about the movie is not the dark energy of the sexual encounters but their bleakness. They are arid, not juicy, and a challenge for even the most avid voyeur to get excited about. Filmed in elegant, unrelenting long takes with very few traditional reaction shots, Shame unspools like a documentary on the rutting of feral animals. ... We see him dwelling in a sybarite's dream world of constant sex but, clearly, not having a great time. Beyond that, he's a enigma.


The best part of the movie (for me) was seeing how hot Charles Xavier's boyfriend is. The movie itself....mehhh...think I'd rather see XMFC 100x than Shame one more time. >_> <_< P.S. The computer looks awesome!
The best part of the movie (for me) was seeing how hot Charles Xavier's boyfriend is.

Yes. Oh yes. Within the first five minutes I was like, "wow Charles, you lucky bastard."