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tower of light

April 2017

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random notes while stuck in the middle of nowhere

1. ZQ came out. I'm happy for him. Kinda worried about his future career prospect, but we shall see. I rather suspected that his sexuality was already an open secret in the industry—I mean, it was odd from Chris to be getting leading men roles (Jack Ryan!) while ZQ...well, never went anywhere, visibility wise.

2. Watched Sleuth starring Michael Caine & Jude Law with my mom last night as she highly recommended it. I did not expect it to turn so...gay. I have to say, Jude Law does the gay thing very, very well. (To be fair, I think in The Talented Mr. Ripley it was Matt Damon who played the gay guy, not Jude Law...although I keep thinking back to that.) They were both glorious (I mean, Michael Caine! Michael Caine!), though Jude had the dazzle and allure of youth on his side. I'm just kinda shocked that my mom liked it. I mean, the last 10 minutes were clearly, well, gay.

3. Reading Snuff. Having mixed feelings about Sybil now, I have to say. I feel like pTerry is trying to make her into this perfect woman but she's....too distant for me to love her, really. I'd take Angua or Cheery (or even Juliet) any day of the week. And there's that nob thing. It's like, you either make a clean break from it (a la Angua) or you don't. You don't get to stay a nob and pretend to yourself that you are all benevolent and thus above it all. It's....dishonest. And stupid.

4. Also started reading Monstrous Regiment a while ago. Man, I like vampires. Maladict. Oh, Maladict. Even though I'm already kinda spoiled the ending for myself, I still have to say.... I like vampires.


omg. I love Maladict. That book is utterly amazing.
Oh I didn't know you read Discworld too! /highfive
OMG, I'm in love with Terry Pratchett. I've got everything he's ever written. I haven't started Snuff yet, even though Vimes is my favorite, because I have super huge plane flight to Korea coming up, and I thought that might be a good thing to save. :). But I did purchase it.

Let me know how you like Monstrous Regiment. I just adore Polly.
I finished reading Snuff yesterday and...hmm, I think I have issues with it. I will probably write something tomorrow.

Finished reading Monstrous Regiment just now. I find it to be an unexpectedly tender book, given the subject. And yes Polly is awesome—she is done realistically and done right.
I'm so glad you liked it. I didn't love it the first time I read it, but I did by the third or fourth time I read it.

I adored I Shall Wear Midnight, but I still have doubts about Making Money and Unseen Academicals.
Also, have you watched Going Postal, yet? Cause I thought it was amazing. Way better than Hogfather or The Light Fantastic.
Yes I did watch Going Postal! Angua! OMG ANGUA WAS AWESOME! (Ok I might have missed a point or two, there...) But yeah, it was great storytelling, energetic and robust, but easy to follow. Adora was pretty good, too. I wish I could find it on my hard drive again....
I actually have not read any of the Tiffany Aching books. As a whole my interest is very firmly tilted towards the A-M side. Even the famed Rincewind is only kind of like a required reading because he's so famous. (That said, I did thoroughlly enjoy the one book where he travelled to Twoflower's country Which Is Not China.)

As for Unseen Academicals, I am sorry to say I still have not finished reading it. The protagonist just doesn't really grab my attention, I guess. I do love Making Money though, even if it's been a while since I've re-read it.
What's your favorite book, then? Mine is Nightwatch, followed closely by Thud, I think.
Yes, Night Watch was the first one I read, and it remains my favorite for so many reasons.

Otherwise...Small Gods gives me shivers every time I re-visit it. I haven't read Feet of Clay in a while but I remember that feeling—it's like being struck by lightning. Generally I really love anything that prominently features Vetinari and/or Vimes, which is partly why Snuff has been somewhat of a letdown, actually.
Damn, I don't really want Snuff to be a let down. I love Small Gods as well. Gives me chills. I love that in all of the country, he found only one believer.

Also, Thief of Time, on that note. Really amazing.
Well my problem with Snuff is kinda...convoluted, and possibly personal.

Also, this new-ish portrayal of Lady Sybil (and her relationship with Vimes) just doesn't really work for me. In general, I think pTerry does Sybil best when she's a minor character who has flashes of brilliance. Ex: The dwarf love aria in Thud!? The fat negotiation in The Fifth Elephant? Believable, and charming. But the presentation she got in Snuff just doesn't really hold up water, to me. It's like pTerry is Trying Really Hard to tell me How Wonderful and Extraordinary Lady Sybil is and I just want to roll my eyes and go "eh whatever man."
LOL. You are so riht about Fifth Elephant, and Thud.
Right, even.
I remembered the whole thing with the dwarf scone again. That's a great love story, and a great tradition (as explained by the new Low King).
I know. That was super amazing. With crumbling the scone. Also the play on words with the Scone of Stone/the Stone of Scone was hysterical.
Love the Vetinari icon, btw.