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tower of light

April 2017

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J. Edgar and The Descendants - plus the young and beautiful in them

OK, I don't know why J. Edgar got such bad reviews. Both cipher0099 and I really quite enjoyed it. There are some liberties with history taken, of course, but on the whole it's a compelling story rooted in actual history, with memorable characters.

I guess the narrative kind of throws people off, but personally I don't mind the back-and-forth time jumps because to me history is more or less linear. And as long as you know which point you are at in history (Roosevelt? Kennedy? Johnson? Nixon?), then you know your position in relation to the other points.

Also, though Leo isn't much to look at in this film, Armie Hammer is simply luminous as Clyde Tolson. His face. Oh. It's just radiant. Naomi Watts is great, too. (Not to say that Leo is bad. It's just that he's, well you know, Leo.)

We also watched The Descendants. I usually don't care for family-themed (as in, revolving around family and relationships) films at all, but this one was nice. Given the topic I'm not sure it should be tagged as a comedy, but there were quite a few moments of genuine laughter from the audience. All in all I think it's a heartwarming and sincere piece.

And Shailene Woodley. OMG those legs. THOSE LEGS. I would kill for those legs. I would. Sigh.

On a completely unrelated note, I ran into Kohaku at Saint's Alp this evening. O________o While waiting in line for the bathroom! It was, um, yeah, awkward. But we are probably going to meet up after I come back from Arizona.

Speaking of meet-ups: Maggie called while I was in a B&N waiting for Cipher. Turned out she didn't head back up to Boston this weekend after all. So tomorrow I am heading into Manhattan again.

For somebody who can not leave the apartment for days on end, I'm really socializing to the max these days. It's...weird. Not bad (at least, not when I'm hanging out with people whom I like). But it's just plain weird.

And speaking of Arizona, there are some things I really have to do before getting on the plane:

  1. Laundry.

  2. Dishes.

  3. Buy socks.

  4. Pack. I REALLY need to figure out if I want to pack an checked bag. $25 a bag one-way? F you, US Airways. >_<

  5. Send out postcards. (I guess I'll drop them off on Tuesday?)
I'll read iris242x's paper on psychopaths while on the plane, I guess...?


我觉得我们那天的运气真是不错。我回去以后才听说克鲁尼今年有望靠The Descendants拿影帝。今天出来一个电影节奖项貌似就是最佳男主了。
Armie Hammer除了有身高,有相貌,有才能,他那把声音那就是pure sex啊!如果我成为任何人的NC粉,估计就是他了。