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tower of light

April 2017

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artsy, haru yo koi

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on IMAX for my last night in Arizona. It was a lot of fun! Tom Cruise was showing his age here and there, but still, a tightly packed action movie with plenty of light moments. Definitely a movie worth watching on IMAX. Oh and Léa Seydoux is beautiful in a very European sort of way. *_*

Am debating if I want to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. On one hand...Stephen Fry! MYCROFT!!! On the other hand...well, RDJ as Sherlock Holmes... -_-

I will definitely go watch Hugo though! :)


Sherlock 2终于死出来了⋯⋯1月1日BBC首播⋯⋯
This is the movie where the trailer turned me from "Ugh, another MI movie, seriously?" in the beginning, to "I AM SO WATCHING THIS MOVIE" because I saw that Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg were in it...

Yesterday I watched it in IMAX, TWICE IN A ROW. Here's the story...

I had bought the tickets to watch it in IMAX last Sunday at a far-away theater I'd never been to, only because they were showing an exclusive six-minute preview of Dark Knight Rises. I'm not a die hard fan of that franchise, but I was very curious.

But the theater was farther than I'd imagined and there was a lot of traffic, and we were late! Agghhh! At this point I was freaking out, because I /hate/ being late to movies and missing the beginning! I tried to call them and see if I could switch to a later showing, but the next one was all sold out, and the one after that was at 11:15pm, way too late!

So we get there, we rush into the auditorium, and watch the movie. And it was sooo good. I started freaking out all over again over how crazy good it was.

After it ended, we stayed inside the theater, because I couldn't leave without seeing the Dark Knight preview and the beginning! So we wait 'til almost the starting time of the next showing, and I plead with the managers to let us watch just the beginning. They take pity on me and say yes (I honestly could have cried).

So we go back into the auditorium. Initially I'd thought we were just going to stand near the entrance sneakily so as not to alarm the audience, but soon I spotted a row of seats at the very back, empty. Those must be seats for emergencies or maybe the staff, that they don't sell tickets for. So we got up and sat there. Then we watched the preview (EPIC), and the beginning. AND DIDN'T LEAVE.

Today I was telling everybody about this adventure and how phenomenally entertaining the movie was. I'm already planing to watch it again in theaters!