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tower of light

April 2017

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Hugo & The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and emo'ing about my writing.

Watched Hugo and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with cipher0099 today. Both were about mysteries involving missing persons in a family (ok, kind of...) but they could not have been more different, to put it lightly. I thoroughly enjoyed both. The latter had an especially strong cast. Rooney Mara totally captured my heart as Lisbeth Salander. <3 I wasn't expecting to like her even more than Daniel Craig!

BTW: Gulliver McGrath (who plays Young Tabard in Hugo) is simply adorable. His face gives me a sense of deja vu, but of course I just can't quite place where or how.

Tried to complete the 2011 Fanfic Survey like I've done annually for three years now. Then much to my horror, I realized that I had only finished ONE short story and TWO vignettes THIS ENTIRE YEAR. All three were in English for the Thor movie.

This is very depressing. I certainly had wanted to write more. I kept telling myself that I would, but inspiration just never really came. (Not to use that as an excuse, I know I could have buckled down and wrote more if I really, really wanted to.)

Looking back on this year, World of Warcraft really ate up almost all of my fandom time. It's always a tug-of-war kind of thing—I can't produce anything of worth for fandom while I'm occupied with the game on a long-term basis. It's when I am away from the game for prolonged periods of time (for whatever reason) that I re-focus on writing.

The curious thing is, in fandoms I obviously hang out with girls, while I categorize my WoW experience as a predominately male one in the sense that almost everybody I socialize with in the game are guys. (And to be sure, I blame my tendency of cursing on them. :P) I guess while playing the game I am far more aware of my own female-ness (or femininity, or whatever you may want to call it) than usual.

Anyway. Back to emo-ing about writing. With the new Sherlock BBC series on the horizon I do rather expect to start writing again, not to mention the Avengers sequel that's coming out. I need to find ways of expression, that's all.


The gender thing may be a result of actual gender splits in fandom vs WoW? Because fandom seems to be predominately female (obviously there are males, but at least in terms of fanfiction writers, it seems to be mostly female)
Yeah I think that's definitely it. Even though I'm not a typical "girly girl" in a lot of ways, when contrasted with guys, yeahhhhh...
Oh I love millennium trilogy. Lisbeth Salander is like my favorite fiction character of the year hahahahaha. Should find a chance to watch the movie~~~~