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tower of light

April 2017

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the look, clamp - stars

Loki and my travel itinerary

Oh Loki (and Hiddles!) you are so beautiful I don't know what to do. *_*

The Orpheus!Thor story is, predictably, kicking my ass. It's that perfectionist vice raising its head up again, I'm sure.

On the bright side, my travel itinerary is almost done. The first few days will be pretty tough with a lot of traveling packed in (5 hours a day minimum), but...meh, that's backpacking for you. Kinda a shame that I will not get to visit Amman, but I heard the border crossing at Allenby Bridge is very bad. But I discovered that I can go to Acre (as in, the place once under Saladin's siege) on my last day in Israel, so quite happy about that.

My only real reservation is that I don't want to do an overnight bus again (especially fresh-off an intercontinental plane PLUS an 8-hour layover). Ugh, the last time, from Edinburgh to London, was really quite enough for me.... Maybe I should stay in Tel Aviv that night instead and catch a plane to Eilat the next morning? That's definitely something to think about. (In fact, now that I have typed the argument out, it seems that much more convincing.)

NYC -> Mainz -> Tel Aviv -> Eilat -> Aqaba -> Wadi Rum -> Petra -> Aqaba -> Eilat -> Tel Aviv -> Haifa -> Jerusalem (+ Dead Sea) -> Haifa (+ Tel Aviv + Nazareth + Acre) -> Tel Aviv -> Amsterdam -> NYC

Well at least they are all either 6 or 7 hours away timezone wise.