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tower of light

April 2017

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lonely, nostalgic, gazing3



昨天傍晚就睡着了,清晨四点醒来,发现一夜无梦。于是现在精神倒是不错,只是心情仍然不佳。有的事情,怎么说呢……大概还是不说比较好。反反复复总是想提醒自己:自省,自省,再自省。别人的悲剧和过失,将来未必就不是自己的。(罗格纳司令您就是因为在某女王的王宫前的那一句话而成为我FSS本命的。) 再多的明白,再多的理智,也拦不住人自己把自己给埋了的决心。

Anyway, I miss Dean/Cas. I miss Cas. I miss Cas terribly.

Also: Took a glimpse at the new One Piece chapter. Trafalgar Law's new look is even more awesome than his old look. Hmmm Trafalgar Law.... He's like an understated psycho version of Zoro, which is interesting. I'd be a lot more comfortable with him without the Nazi-esque (Josef Mengele) connections though. Obviously it's a very superficial connection and normal people just overlook it, but after Yad Vashem, everything and anything Holocaust, however remote, is just.... (I wonder if that's why I couldn't really get into the X-Men First Class fandom? Because of Erik's past?)

I need to go into the city on Saturday to have a meeting. Really, really not looking forward to that. -_- Oh well.


Ahh, I haven't read One Piece in a very long time. I lost a lot of interest. :-/ And I never was fond of Trafalgar Law...partly because of the Mengele vibe. It disturbed me in a way, and I don't know if it was intentionally done...if that makes sense.

(Are you leaving for Beijing soon? And welcome back to the city :) )
I think maybe I haven't read enough OP to get a full canon sense of Law? Like...I don't see how he's any creepier than, say, Eustass Kid or X Drake.

I should be leaving for Beijing at the end of this month. We shall see.

Oh and a friend of mine (cipher0099) is stalking your Tumblr. She wants to, uh, fangirl over Andrew Garfield with you I think.
Personally, I was never big on any of the rookies. I really have no clue where Oda was going with them. First they were introduced as demon doctors and mass-murderers, but then they were kind of okay after all, and then they were mostly irrelevant to the plot (besides Law, who was conveniently there to save Luffy at some point).

Ah okay, I see. Hope everything goes well and that you have a safe flight!

And I think I remember you mentioning your friend before! That she saw Asuncion? Did she see Death of a Salesman yet, Andrew Garfield was so good in it. ;_; I didn't know she was stalking my Tumblr, otherwise I'd have posted more TSN/Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg stuff for her. XD