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tower of light

April 2017

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shigeru - x_x, >_>

百老汇简短repo:2012/3/22 《Evita》

地点:Marquis Theatre, Broadway, NYC

Main Cast:
Eva: Elena Roger
Che: Ricky Martin
Peron: Michael Cerveris

There is no nice way to put it: It could have been a wonderful production if Eva was played by someone who could actually sing and act the part.

The music is magical. The setting/lights etc, fantastic. Ricky Martin's acting is adequate (although overly flippant in the beginning), with a nice singing voice. Peron is OK. The ensemble cast is quite able.

But Elena Roger. Oh, Elena Roger.

My experiences with Broadway leads, up to this point, had been "unremarkable" or "forgettable" at worst (hello Phantom I'm looking at you). However, there is no way I could ever forget Elena Roger's performance as Evita.

First of all, there was NO SINGING. She was yelling, and it wasn't even a nice voice to be yelling in—she sounded coarse and crass. I physically flinched at several points in the first half. For a while I thought this was some experimental stuff I was watching, until the one song from Peron's ex-mistress, the lovely and tender "Another Suitcase in Another Hall", brought me back to the Broadway I knew. I very, very quickly got over my early misgivings about Ricky Martin's lack of gravitas because his songs were actually pleasant to listen to. Ms. Roger seems to have mistaken "harshness" and "loudness" of voice for "power", when it's really not the same thing at all. Not by far.

By the same token, her acting chops as Evita were a horror to behold. There was no charm nor grace. She was an out-and-out caricature of the hunger for power, and it was impossible to feel for her in any degree. If this Evita was loved as a mother figure, it certainly wasn't the Santa Evita that was depicted in the songs. She could only have been the disciplinarian, a fist of steel without that glove of velvet. It was inconceivable and incomprehensible—indeed, impossible—for this Eva Duarte to become the fabled Evita.

Oh, and to top it off, her dancing was clumsy, too, especially when contrasted with the agile ensemble dancers. On this point, though, her male costars should probably shoulder some of the blame as well. All three of them had varying degrees of stiffness.

Lastly, I'm far from alone in my opinion. cipher0099 (hey thanks for the rush ticket!) shared the same complaints, and as soon as the intermission lights were up, the two ladies to my right (who didn't even know each other) just turned to each other and said: "I don't like this Evita!"

Me neither, dearies. Me neither.


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