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tower of light

April 2017

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envy - sulking, grr, critical

Open Letter to Blizzard: Stop Being Racist

I received a notice that my account was closed due to abuse of in-game economy.

This is pure fiction. The most in-game trading I've done in weeks have been putting up things in AH for a few hundred gold at a time.

I have had this account for FIVE YEARS and never, NEVER breached TOS or had any problem with my account. Now that I'm temporarily living in China and playing from a Chinese IP, all the sudden I find myself banned. For what? For organizing my guildies to do a LFR run? For going back to Onyxia's Lair to see if the mount would drop?

Over the years, I've seen the ban hammer dropping on my friends again and again whenever they go back to China, under all sorts of ridiculous pretenses when the real problem is simply that they have the audacity of not wanting to give up playing the game while living temporarily overseas. Blizzard is practicing racial profiling with this process--and, sadly, can't even catch the real gold farmers.

I want my account back and I strongly suggest Blizzard to revise its current policy. I'm sorry if this letter sounds angry--it's difficult to stay calm when you see a whole group of people wronged again and again just because of their places of origin. I believe that's called being subjected to racist treatment. Yes, I'm using the r-word, because I can find no other word to describe this demeaning and demoralizing process.


That's downright wrong! Where you are playing from should have NO BEARING on a TOS violation excuse. I would be angry too - because that's ridiculous. They need to tell you exactly WHAT TOS violation they found... push them on it because this is a snap judgment that is stupid. You're right.. they can't even catch the real gold farmers so this is pathetically annoying.