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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

in which there is a green card marriage and a honeymoon in Hawai'i

snowlight: Everybody says in Norse mythology canon Odin & Loki are brothers, but I have never seen that
snowlight: Except for one passage, and that was a sworn-brother thing….and it's hardly evident in any of the myths
iris242x: but I think, Loki was in all stories and his main connection to the north gods were just that he's Odin's buddy
snowlight: I don't know….he sure pissed a lot of people off, he had a lot of interaction with all the gods
snowlight: I saw him as this….permanent guest in Asgard
iris242x: nono, he's had a green card...
iris242x: he's a resident of Asgard, not guest
snowlight: lol
snowlight: OMG immigrant to Asgard
snowlight: application...
iris242x: OMG
iris242x: it all make sense now
snowlight: IT DOES
iris242x: Odin's family trying to get the baby a green card
snowlight: ......
iris242x: by adopting him!!!!
snowlight: but now his green card is going to be revoked...
snowlight: /tear
iris242x: then ppl found out he's not of true Asgardian parentage
iris242x: so Thor offers to marry him... orz
iris242x: green card marriage...
snowlight: Nick Fury: I WANT TO SEE THE PAPERS
snowlight: I think it's more like this, though
Odin and Frigga never officially adopted Loki, just CLAIMED that he was their own, because adoption takes forever.
snowlight: So Loki grew up as a citizen of Asgard. But then they found out he's not their kid, and he wasn't officially adopted
iris242x: yesyes
snowlight: so they threw him out…. and he went to the other planet
iris242x: Hemidall is the immigration officer...
snowlight: OMG Heimdall
snowlight: and then, Frigga is like, WTF I WANT MY SON BACK
iris242x: yesyes
iris242x: and after the green card marriage...
snowlight: (as seen in the last scene)
iris242x: when ever the immigration officier come visit, they have to pretend they are a loving couple
snowlight: (notice how Loki had his mouth sealed…so he couldn't say "no" during the ceremony)
iris242x: with pictures from Hawaii...
iris242x: yes!!!!! honeymoon to Hawaii
iris242x: it is a remote wedding held in Midgard!
iris242x: they bring back a lot of photos
snowlight: Heimdall: Why is the bride not smiling in any of these pictures except when he is drawing stuff on Thor's face?