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tower of light

April 2017

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thor - kb!loki, thor - loki w/ the look, irritated, serious

norsekink is giving me, well, Ideas

I have just finished a bigbang length Chinese fic with with iris242x and now am in the middle of a WIP with her, also turning out to be ridiculously long. And I promised her to write something for her birthday, probably an AU (which, you know, also tends to be long).

BUT! norsekink, why must you tease me so!!!!

I need to find the time to squeeze some of the English stuff into my fic writing schedule!

There is:
1. The T/L, W3+Sif gen piece
2. The Odin/Loki AU-ish piece (that is going to kill me)
3. The T/L Taj Mahal piece (IDEK okay)
4. The Loki's Avengers diary piece (I am thoroughly smitten with this idea!)
5. The Dark!Thor and graphic Loki giving birth while in Asgard dungeon piece (again, IDEK okay)

And this is not counting the fake-cannibalism sex piece that I was thinking about.

My poor, poor Darkness in Light....when am I ever going to finish it?


I have been reading mostly English fics actually. :P Either way, NO TIME dammit!

Completely unrelated

Don't know if you could access the link behind the Great Firewall, but I was listening to this last night and thought about you (it's my favorite music show, this episode was devoted to different interpretations of the Song of Songs). Audio link should be available in a few days:


Re: Completely unrelated

I CAN access it! :) Thanks and I'll listen to it when I get back to my apartment.