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tower of light

April 2017

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sherlock - drugs

What I did during my 8-day vacation. And other ramblings.

1. Went to a roasted fish dinner with a slew of the Beijing fangirls I've been more or less hanging out with. Beat up Dahlia over the overdue doujin entry submission (in a manner of speaking).

2. Went to Shenzhen (and briefly to Hong Kong) to stay with asukajude. Hmmm spicy curry fish balls...and grapes....

3. Bought 2 pairs of shoes. One of them is bright red silk-esque which reminds me of The Red Shoes, but they are surprisingly comfortable. The other pair, not so much. I may need to exchange it for a bigger size as I plan to wear them on my Southeast Asia trip.

4. Saw a classical ballet rendition of The Swan Lake at the Poly Theater with nashaya_rin, among others. Aside from a few terribly mannered audience members, it was highly enjoyable. The dancing was dazzling. (And yes, I prefer the Black Swan to the White Swan.)

5. Went to a mini Superhero con near Wudaokou. HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD SO MANY PEOPLE!!! #_# (Not quite as crowded as the queue for entry to Hong Kong, but still.) I only knew a few people but, eh. Afterward more than 20 of us went to a Hong Kong style restaurant and had a toast of "For Asgard!" (though we weren't drinking mead or even alcohol, just chrysanthemum tea and iced milk tea). Anyway, the food was surprisingly good for the price (45 yuan per person). Pity I had to leave first because I had a throbbing headache....

So, overall, a very fruitful vacation. But not an easy/happy one, per se. My head is too full of...things. Thoughts which Would Not Shut Up. I made myself sing refrains from "Deep Into the Ground" over and over again at the con today like a broken record in order to drown those thoughts out. Miss Priest was suitably exasperated and kindly asked me to turn myself off. The poor girl.

It's probably stress I'm feeling. Well, that and the self-destructive tendency, that old friend of mine. It's a good thing I'm quitting my job (tentatively) tomorrow. I'll have time to chill out if all goes well. Beijing's autumn weather is rather nice at the moment, although I am rather dreading the masses of people at every turn. It's so crowded it's almost obscene. =_=||

There are...plans afoot. Big ones, waiting for my return to America. Like selling the co-op (in this market—I shudder) and moving back into Manhattan, among other things, even if I still think non-deep South (like Virginia or North Carolina) should be the long-term plan. Anyway, at the moment I'm just slightly depressed. And tired. It's not that I can't deal with people, I think. It just takes a big chunk out of me. Hence my tendency to disappear once in a while.

And I am hoping to disappear come January.