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tower of light

April 2017

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sougo - petal, sarcastic

"Elementary", Kindle reading adventures, and other things.

Watched Elementary 1 & 2. Agree with most of the assessments I've heard—Nice crime-solving series, though not so much Sherlock Holmes. I'm OK with that. Kinda like that it's set in New York, though—I immediately recognized Lucy Liu's jogging place in the opening (hello Central Park!). So I think I'll keep up with it from now.

Having started a new wave of Kindle-reading, the main book I've kept returning to recently is Henry Kissinger's On China. Due to its colossal length, I'm not even halfway through with it. And I don't agree with all of Kissinger's analysis (would be terribly bad form of me if I did). But it is a great book. Whatever else Kissinger might be, he is also a very astute policy analyst.

What else? Oh I finished reading Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time, about the supposed crimes of Richard III (see: Princes in the Tower). The story is engaging enough. (Which reminds me, I need to do a little write-down list for all the Kindle books I've read lately.

Before I know it, weekend is almost gone again. *sigh* NEED TO QUIT JOB ON MONDAY!!! (The boss wasn't there on Friday and he doesn't use email, so I couldn't quit on Friday....)

A pic from the seafood dinner I had on Saturday, in which Loki decides shrimp isn't the way to go for his army and wants to recruit crabs instead (OK so maybe this will only make sense for the Chinese fangirls...):


I was waiting to hear reviews of Elementary because I felt it could go either really well or really poorly. So... verdict is to watch?
Yeah, I think watching it wouldn't be wasting your time.